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Prince Helseth Hlaalu is a Dark Elf Prince of Wayrest in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. He is the first-born son of Queen Barenziah, also of Wayrest and General Symmachus. He has a younger sister named Morgiah.


During his stay in Wayrest, Helseth and his stepsister, Princess Elysana fought continuously on the issue of succession. This including the blackmailing of the Wayrest Councilor, assassination attempts, and many other strategies.[source?]

However, after the death of King Eadwyre, he lost the throne to Princess Elysana. Helseth and Barenziah were forced to leave Wayrest. They then went back to Mournhold, Morrowind and were accepted by King Athyn Llethan, the uncle of Queen Barenziah.[source?]


Blackmailing Prince HelsethEdit



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