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Prince Helseth Hlaalu is a Dark Elf Prince of Wayrest in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. He is the first-born son of Queen Barenziah, also of Wayrest and General Symmachus. He has a younger sister named Morgiah.

Background[edit | edit source]

"Prince of Wayrest. First child of Queen Barenziah and the late King Symmachus. He has since been adopted by his stepfather, Eadwyre."
―Helseth description[src]

During his stay in Wayrest, Helseth and his stepsister, Princess Elysana fought continuously on the issue of succession. This including the blackmailing of the Wayrest Councilor, assassination attempts, and many other strategies.[source?]

However, after the death of King Eadwyre, he lost the throne to Princess Elysana. Helseth and Barenziah were forced to leave Wayrest. They then went back to Mournhold, Morrowind and were accepted by King Athyn Llethan, the uncle of Queen Barenziah.[source?]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Blackmail[edit | edit source]

Provide Lord Castellian with a letter from Prince Helseth.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]


"I need a courier, Agent (Player name), but no common, jelly-armed, gas-headed pox of a mercenary will do. I have a letter of utmost importance to be delivered to a high dignitary who will be defended against unwelcome intrusion, in return for this, I will not only reward you with a Long shirt (Random it), but also put in a positive word for you with the king and queen of Wayrest, but I will give you some information on the affair with Daggerfall I doubt you would receive elsewhere. Does this sound like an agreeable arrangement?"

Yes "Excellent. Meet me here this time tomorrow and I will give you the letter and the name and location of the recipient."
No "Dullard. Why did you let me waste my time with the likes of you?"

After waiting a day:

"Ah, hello again, Agent (Player name). Here is the letter. It is to be given to Lord Castellian, the head of the elder council, who is currently at his house The Hearthsley Residence (Random building) in Tunwall Burough (Random location). I need the letter delivered and you back here in no later than 10 days -- that is essential. Like I mentioned before, Lord Castellian values his privacy to an excess. Be prepared for some resistance at your arrival in The Hearthsley Residence (Random building). I would ask that you not read the letter as it is private correspondence. If word of its contents gets out, I will blame you."

After delivering the letter:

"Anyway, here is the Jada (Magical item) I promised. Never let it be said that Prince Helseth is not a man of his bond. Oh ues, I promised to tell you something of the situation in Daggerfall. I suspect my family has more to do with it than is commonly known. We sent advisors to urge King Lysandus and King Camaron to mend their differences on the eve of the Battle of Cryngaine Field. Lysandus was disgustingly loyal to the emperor, where Camaron was fighting for more autonomy. According to the advisor's report, they arrived too late because they were waylaid by the orcs of Gortwog en route. However, I have heard stories that, at least some of our advisors arrived at Lysandus' tent and spoke to him briefly. At this time, I cannot say more. If I receive more information or if the situation progresses, I will certainly send you word."
"Well done Agent (Player name). Your budding reputation appears to be deserved. Lord Castellian is quite pliable now."
"So you like to read the missives of your betters. Don't expect me trust you again anytime soon. (If the letter was read.)"

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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