"Yes? Can I help you? Or are you going to stand around slack-jawed all day? Well, where would you like to go?"
―Helseth Sadalvel[src]

Helseth Sadalvel is a Dunmer caravaner working at the top of the Caravaner Tower in Pilgrim's Approach in Vivec City. She provides transport to Suran, Balmora, Gnisis, and Tel Mora.


Can your silt strider take me to a nearby settlement? "Looking to get out of Vivec City? Smart decision. I could use some time away myself. I can take you to Suran or Balmora. They're fairly close. Do either of those locations interest you?"

Can your silt strider take me to a distant settlement? "Farther away? That's probably a good idea. I can take you as far as Gnisis or Tel Mora. Do either of those locations interest you?"


  • "Are you waiting for an invitation? This is a caravaner station, so I'm assuming you're in need of a ride. Come now, where do you need to go?"
  • "Get on or get moving. I don't have all day. Where are you going?"
  • "If it were up to me, Vivec City would only be for the Dark Elves. Oh, I suppose we could have a few servants to sweep the streets, but that would be it! Well, who am I to question the word of our god? How can I help you, friend?" —If the Vestige is a Dunmer.
  • "A fellow Dark Elf! So good to see you! If I had to deal with one more ignorant n'wah from who knows where, I would have screamed. What can I help you with today, f'lah?" —If the Vestige is a Dunmer.


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