"Yes? Can I help you? Or are you going to stand around slack-jawed all day? Well, where would you like to go?"
―Helseth Sadalvel[src]

Helseth Sadalvel is a Dunmer caravaner working at the top of the Caravaner Tower in Pilgrim's Approach in Vivec City. She provides transport to Suran, Balmora, Gnisis, and Tel Mora.

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Can your silt strider take me to a nearby settlement? "Looking to get out of Vivec City? Smart decision. I could use some time away myself. I can take you to Suran or Balmora. They're fairly close. Do either of those locations interest you?"

Can your silt strider take me to a distant settlement? "Farther away? That's probably a good idea. I can take you as far as Gnisis or Tel Mora. Do either of those locations interest you?"

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Are you waiting for an invitation? This is a caravaner station, so I'm assuming you're in need of a ride. Come now, where do you need to go?"
  • "Get on or get moving. I don't have all day. Where are you going?"
  • "If it were up to me, Vivec City would only be for the Dark Elves. Oh, I suppose we could have a few servants to sweep the streets, but that would be it! Well, who am I to question the word of our god? How can I help you, friend?" —If the Vestige is a Dunmer.
  • "A fellow Dark Elf! So good to see you! If I had to deal with one more ignorant n'wah from who knows where, I would have screamed. What can I help you with today, f'lah?" —If the Vestige is a Dunmer.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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