Not to be confused with Helvia Livianus.

Helviane Desele is a Breton Trader residing in Suran. She is the proprietor of Desele's House of Earthly Delights.


Desele's DebtEdit

Eydis Fire-Eye will assign the Nerevarine the task of collecting a debt from Helviane.

Redoran StrongholdEdit

Find wives for the settlers of Bal Isra.


Redoran Stronghold

"Welcome to my house, Dark Elf (Race). Make yourself at home."

need wives "Tere's only one place in town for that, Nerevarine (Player name), Dresele's House of Earthly Delights."
need wives (At a high disposition) "I am sorry if you have the wrong impression. My girls are dancers, nothing more."
No, not for me. I need women to go to Indarys Manor. "Hm. That is an interesting offer. I will ask my girls. Perhaps some of the older ones are ready to settle down somewhere. I will ask them, but that is all I can promise."
need wives "As I said, I will ask the girls, but I cannot promise anything."
Nevermind. "How about a drink, then?"


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