"Helvius Cecia. I do a little of this, a little of that. And I serve the Nine. Praise their Names!"
―Helvius Cecia[src]

Helvius Cecia quote

Helvius Cecia, a member of the Thieves Guild, can be found in his Bruma home, and is the Master Hand-to-Hand Trainer.

The Hero must get a Master Training reference from Davela Hlaren and Ra'qanar before he will teach them. He is available 6AM-6PM every day except 8AM-10AM Sundas. To receive training from Helvius Cecia, they must attack him with their fists. If the Hero takes out a weapon whilst fighting him, he will call the fight off.

Also if Cecia's Disposition with the Hero is 100, he will offer them lodging on one night of the week.


Turning a Blind EyeEdit

If meeting him outside his house, he will say the Gray Fox is waiting. The Gray Fox needs the Savilla's Stone from the Temple of the Ancestor Moths.


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