"I know the Herd Mother will look after us, as she always has."
Darya Marquad[src]

Herd Mother was a divine animist spirit worshiped by Yokudan herding clans of Akos Kasaz on Yokuda and the Horsemen on Tamriel. She served as their guiding and protective deity.[1]


Sometime in the First Era, centuries before the cataclysm on Yokuda, an unknown force threatened the worship of Herd Mother. This drove the her followers on a legendary voyage to Tamriel.[1]

Tales told by the Horsemen elders claim that an entire flotilla of "swimming horse-ships" was granted to them by their deity and before they finally reached the coast of Rivenspire, their ships crossed "seventeen seas." The fleeing Yokudans then settled in the Silverhoof Vale and remained there relatively undisturbed, keeping their tradition. They became known as the Horsemen. While the tall tales of their journey could be open to interpretation, it is believed that the Horsemen took their horses with them, when arriving from Yokuda, as the Yokudan Charger, a horse breed found in Hammerfell, were remarkably similar.[1]


Traditions of the Horsemen have some resemblance towards practices of the Redguards. For example, similar to the Redguard tradition of Walkabout, young Horsemen must commune with the Herd Mother and go on a vision journey as a rite of passage to adulthood.[1]



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