Hereld Malloni is a Breton found wandering the streets of Anvil, Gold Coast. She cannot be interacted with.



Hereld Malloni: "Ah, the great oaf stirs. Busy day at the Fighters Guild Hall, eh?"
Skaldara: "Bah! You mages fare no better. It's that damned Pirate Queen and her boot-licking Red Sails. Can't sharpen a sword without those rat-faced corsairs kicking down your door."
Hereld Malloni: "True enough. I've got half a mind to sail back to Wayrest. Better to be taxed by a High-King than to be fleeced by a wharf-rat in royal clothing."

After completing "A Special Request":

Hereld Malloni: "Have you heard? Fortunata's dead!"
Skaldara: "Aye. Nestrana says they're still scraping her off the rocks. Shor's bones, I'd trade all the mead in Skyrim to see her face as she fell."
Hereld Malloni: "Ah, Skaldeif, brutish as always... Oh who am I kidding? Oblivion take that sour wench!"


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