"The Worm Cult threatens to sweep over Wrothgar like an ill wind, bearing horror, disease, and death. You must face the storm and call down the thunder."

Heresy of Ignorance is a quest available to be initiated by Arzorag in Skalar's Hostel, Orsinium.


The Worm Cult has established a foothold in Wrothgar and seeks to summon a beast called Zandadunoz the Reborn. The king's servant, Arzorag, demands that I disrupt their scheme.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Disrupt Strange Obelisks: 0/3
    Defeat Zandadunoz the Reborn
    • Optional: Talk to Lilyameh
  2. Talk to Lilyameh




  • 146–604 GoldIcon
  • [?]


Journal Entry
I need to seek out and disrupt the Worm Cult's bizarre obelisks in order to destroy Zandadunoz the Reborn.
  • Objective: Disrupt Strange Obelisks: 0/3
  • Objective: Defeat Zandadunoz the Reborn
  • Optional: Talk to Lilyameh
I disrupted the cultists' rituals and defeated Zandadunoz the Reborn. I should return to Orsinium and speak to Lilyameh.
  • Objective: Talk to Lilyameh
  • Quest complete

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