The Hero of Dawnstar is the protagonist of The Elder Scrolls Travels: Dawnstar ,who defended Dawnstar against the Ice Tribes and the Gehenoth Thriceborn on an unknown year in an unknown era in addition to rooting out a traitor to the Empire.





At the beginning of The Elder Scrolls Travels: Dawnstar, the Governor of Dawnstar sends the Hero to the exile post of Dawnstar with only 50 gold after an attack from the Ice Tribes, and the suspicion that one of his Four Champions had betrayed him and gave the Ice Tribes some sort of advantage. He tasks the Hero with revealing the traitor and defending the city. He tells the Hero that there's 3000 gold in it for him if he succeeds. Before the Hero arrives, the Governor tasks an oracle named Eustacia with aiding the Hero.

Information GatheringEdit

Upon arriving in Dawnstar, the Hero sought out Eustacia who used her oracular powers to provide the first clue towards identifying the traitor. The Hero then makes his way through the many surrounding locations to find the exiled Champions. Once found, they are interrogated by the Hero one by one until the Hero believed that he had identified the traitor.

Turning in the Traitor and the Final BattleEdit

Gehenoth Thriceborn

Gehenoth Thriceborn

Upon identifying the traitor, the Hero is given a mystical frost named Starfrost as a reward, and just in time for the Ice Tribe's second attack. Using the power of Starfrost and the collective prayers of Dawnstar, the Hero defeated every troll, bandit, and soldier that they threw into the city. Then, after most of their army was killed, they released the Gehenoth Thriceborn upon the city. However, even their greatest ally fell before the Hero. For successfully defending the city, the Governor gave the Hero 3000 gold, as promised.

Personality and traitsEdit

Most of the Hero's powers are reliant upon class chosen at the beginning of the game. With the classes available, the Hero can access a good variety of spells and can wield numerous weapons, ranging from daggers to ice weapons and troll warhammers. The Hero of Dawnstar is a silent protagonist, but the lack of choices in-game makes the Hero come across as just a man (or woman) who is just following orders.


  • If the Hero chooses the wrong Champion, they will not be given Starfrost.
  • If the Hero fails to defend the city, they will still survive the encounter, but the city will fall.


The Elder Scrolls Travels: Dawnstar

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