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Hero of the People
Complete 50 Miscellaneous Objectives
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Bronze trophy

Hero of the People is an achievement in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that is possible to achieve on Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows. On PS3 and PS4 it is just a Trophy.


This is earned for helping the people of Skyrim. To complete this trophy you have to complete fifty tasks given by NPCs located in the towns and cities, some can even be started by receiving a letter delivered by a courier. A few of these can even be started just by overhearing a character's conversation.

These tasks are not normal Quests but are listed in the Main menu Quests under the Miscellaneous category. With the exception of a few, they will generate a quest marker on the map and compass.

There are hundreds of individual tasks to be completed, including the Radiant Quests, such as Bounty Quests, which can be repeated infinitely.

Easy way[]

  • One of the easy ways to get this achievement/trophy is by finding some kids (usually in Solitude) at day time that are playing tag or hide and seek, they can ask you if you want to play tag/hide and seek, you can accept it and play the game with them. You will get a new Misc objective every time you are tagged/spotted and every time you tag/spot a child. Playing tag is faster for getting the achievement than playing hide and seek.
  • Another very easy way is to get the quest from Madesi to find a chunk of gold ore, a mammoth tusk, and two flawless sapphires. Then begin dropping and picking up gold ore, or work on Smithing by transmuting iron/silver ore into gold, soon you'll have the achievement. But, make sure you do not turn in the chunk of ore; if you do, it is not possible after that.