Not to be confused with Hestra.
"Time was I could barely hold my own in the Companions. Now I could slaughter them all without a second thought."

Hestla is a Nord vampire who resides in Castle Volkihar. She serves as the castle's blacksmith, and will trade in weapons and armor.


She was previously a member of the Companions, but did not progress very far and no longer thinks her past with the guild is important. She believes she has become stronger than the guild, and could kill them all with ease.


Kindred JudgmentEdit

If the Dawnguard is joined, Hestla must be eliminated, along with the rest of the Volkihar Clan.


"Can you feel it? You're now so much more than you were before. Time was I could barely hold my own in the Companions. Now I could slaughter them all without a second thought. But I'm not half the vampire Lord Harkon is. Truth is I'm better with the forge than I am with claws or fangs."

What have you got for sale? "I keep the forge running day and night in case Lord Harkon needs anything."
You were in the Companions. "Aye, I was. Didn't progress very far. Never did care for their attitude, acting like they're better than everyone else. But none of that matters now."


  • "Never made it far in the Companions, but now... I'd like to see any of them try to call me "whelp" again."
  • "If you need anything, say the word. I can still forge a decent blade."
  • "Auriel's Bow is ours. Deliver it to Lord Harkon at once, so we can reap the benefits of this prophecy." —During "Kindred Judgment," if the vampires are joined.
  • "You're... you're mortal! What are you doing here like that? Go to Lord Harkon at once, beg him to turn you back. You're dead if you don't." —If cured of Vampirism before Kindred Judgment.
  • "You can't walk around here like some common mortal! Ask Serana to make you one of us again, before someone makes a meal out of you." —If cured of Vampirism after "Kindred Judgment."
  • "None will soon forget that you were the one to defeat Harkon." —After completing "Kindred Judgment," if vampires are joined
  • "If I know anything, it's weapons and armor. Take a look." —When asked what she has for sale.
  • "Always good to have a backup plan, in case the claws and teeth aren't enough." —When asked what she has for sale.


  • Despite her claim that she could "slaughter the Companions without a second thought," this appears to largely be a bluff, as she is in fact easier to kill than the other vampires if the Dragonborn sides with the Dawnguard. Ironically, if Farkas, Vilkas or Aela are brought along as companions for the fight, they are also capable of easily defeating her.


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