Hetman Abelmawia is a Dunmer Commoner living in Gnisis in the West Gash, Morrowind. He can be found in Abelmawia Hut just on the right side of the path leading into town coming from west.

Abelmawia is responsible for security relating to the Gnisis Eggmine, those seeking legal entrance need to purchase a pass from him. He is also in charge of collecting the taxes from the village.


Gnisis EggmineEdit

Get access to the Gnisis Eggmine to cure the Kwama Queen.

Taxes from GnisisEdit

Collect the taxes from Gnisis for Hlaren Ramoran.


Taxes from Gnisis

taxes from Gnisis "You are here for the taxes? Just a moment, I will get them for you. Yes, here they are. 60 drakes in all."

taxes from Gnisis "I have given you the taxes. Take them back to Hlaren Ramoran in Ald'ruhn."


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