Hetman Guls is a Dunmer master-at-arms, and member of House Redoran residing in Bal Isra.


Redoran StrongholdEdit

Hetman Guls provides information regarding how to make Bal Isra attractive for settlers.


Redoran Stronghold

"Welcome, I am Hetman Guls. What can I do for you Councilman?"

my trade "I am the Hetman of this new settlement at Indarys Manor. I handle disputes and enforce the law while you are away, Nerevarine (Player name)."
attract more settlers "We are happy here, but the town would prosper if there were more women. Most men here are single and need wives."
need wives "I am sure there are many single women in Ald'ruhn who would move here. You could ask there. If you cannot find any wives, you buy slaves in Tel Aruhn and bring them here. Many would prefer marriage over slavery."

After finding wives:

"Yes, Councilman Nerevarine (Player name)? What can I do for you?"

need wives "You have found women who will move here to Indarys Manor. I will tell the others."
need wives "You have found more women who will moe to Indarys Manor. Our settlement will grow and prosper."


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