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For the Mask, see Hevnoraak (Mask).
"In life, Hevnoraak drained his own blood from his body. His goal was to transfer his power back into himself after death, becoming a powerful lich."

Hevnoraak (Dragon Language: H.svgE.svgV.svgN.svgO.svgR.svgAa.svgK.svg Hevno-Raak) is one of the named dragon priests. His full name translates to "brutality." He is the primary antagonist of the quest "Evil in Waiting."


"Hevnoraak planned his resurrection obsessively before dying. [...] He had a way of enthralling people and built up a loyal army of followers. Good men fell under his spell and were forever twisted. Made... evil. After that, fear was enough to keep them in line."

In life, Hevnoraak was a powerful dragon priest who practiced a form of mind-controlling magic. Using his power, he managed to build up an army of enthralled followers. No matter what torture he inflicted upon them, fear was enough to keep them in line and do his bidding. Even in death, they served their master by guarding the catacombs of the ancient tomb of Valthume.

Evidence of Hevnoraak's sadistic nature can been seen all around Valthume, in the form of various torture devices and implements.

Before his death, Hevnoraak obsessively planned his resurrection. He drained the blood from his body and planned to transfer his power back into himself after death, thus becoming a powerful lich. When he died, his blood was stored in three opaque vessels that were kept in Valthume. Left alone, Hevnoraak would eventually awaken once he was powerful enough to restore himself.[1]

An ancient Nord warrior named Valdar discovered Hevnoraak's plan and locked himself in Valthume, binding himself to Hevnoraak in order to stop his reawakening. Even in death, the ghost of Valdar guards the tomb of Hevnoraak.


Evil in Waiting[]

Hevnoraak is encountered in the Nordic ruin of Valthume during this quest, and killing him is the goal of the quest.

Notable items[]


  • He says, "Fools! You will not hold me any longer, Valdar!" upon bursting out of his sarcophagus.


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  •  PC   360   Hevnoraak will sometimes drop two staves and no mask. The only known way to correct this is to reload a previous save.
    •  PC (Fix)   The mask can be added to the Dragonborn's inventory using player.additem 00061CC1​​ 1.
  •  PC   360   PS3   Sometimes arrows will go through Hevnoraak's upper body instead of hitting him. Arrows will still be capable of hitting his legs and causing damage.
  •  360   PS3   If he dies immediately, he may come back to life. Shoot him to fix this.



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