Not to be confused with Aenar.
"You have no business being here, stranger. Leave now."

Hidar is a Nord barbarian residing in Graring's House. After the completion of the quest "Discovery in the Mine," she can forge ice armor and Stalhrim weapons for the Nerevarine.


Discovery in the MineEdit

The Nerevarine asks either Hidar or Aenar to forge Stalhrim weapons or ice armor for them. If Carnius is chosen, Hidar, alongside Aenar and Graring, have to be killed.


Discovery in the MineEdit

"Have you come for Stalhrim weapons, friend?"

Stalhrim weapons "I can forge certain weapons for you, but you have to provide the Stalhrim. What would you like me to create for you?"
Stalhrim War Axe
Stalhrim Dagger
Stalhrim Longsword
Stalhrim Mace
"I'll get started on a war axe (Or "dagger", "longsword", or "mace" if chosen) for you. Come back in two days, and it'll be ready."
Nevermind "I'll be here if you change your mind."
Stalhrim "Though the Skaal shuns its use, Stalhrim weapons are very effective. For that reason, I do not feel it is wrong to use it."


  • "Speak to Graring." ―If Falco was chosen instead of Carnius


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