"The Founder's Statue that got destroyed... Did you know it was created back in the First Era? Why would anyone destroy such an ancient artifact?"

Hidden Mysteries is part of the main quest in The Elder Scrolls: Blades. The recommended player level for this quest is level 6. Two secrets can be found during this quest.


Ancient tunnels have been found under the town. I must explore them to find clues about what happened.



The Fugitive is sent down into the Ayleid tunnels underneath the town, where they will have to fight against three wights and two skeletons. Eventually the hero will come in a room with two doors, one of which is locked. Entering the other door will lead them to a staircase, protected by a wight. After going down the stairs, a Crypt Wight has to be fought to open another door, which brings the Hero to a large crypt door, which cannot be opened.

One of the secret rooms can be found in the room prior to the crypt door; in the corner a Welkynd Stone must be activated. Here, the key to the second secret room can also be found in one of the orbs.


  • During the quest, one can come across a room with a locked gate. After continuing through the accessible door, a couple rooms later will be a piece of wall with two lamps on it. One of these lamps moves to reveal a false wall. Inside this room is the key for the locked door.


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