Hidden in Flames is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Alinon the Alchemist is working on a way to cure the unique lycanthropy that Faolchu has spread through the city. General Mandin asked me to help him complete the cure.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Collect Werewolf Blood
  2. Bring the ingredients to Alinon
  3. Talk to Alinon
  4. Find a way to get the Camlorn Guard into the Inn.
  5. Talk to Alinon again
  6. Cure Camlorn citizens
  7. Talk to Alinon
  8. Complete the quest


General Mandin says if they retake Camlorn today, it's because the Vestige are helping but it's not over yet. If Darien's still alive, his friend Alinon is with him. He can be difficult to deal with but is the best alchemist she know. He is working on a way to cure the victims of Faolchu's lycanthropy. He is on his way to success but needs these few ingredients along with some fresh werewolves blood. Gather six potions of blood and Alinon will be able to finish his cure.

After entering Camlorn city, there will be many werewolves roaming around. Kill them and gather the blood for Alinon. When it's done, follow the marker to find him in the chapel. He's glad for the blood but can't complete the cure in the church, it has to be done somewhere else. The inn maybe.

After securing the inn during the quest "A Lingering Hope" the Camlorn Guard can get inside and so will Alinon. Go over and talk to him to find out if the cure is ready. Alinon is offended by the question and exclaims: What do you think I've been doing here? Making soup? He hands over the cure to the Vestige and tells them to beat some werewolves until they are weakened, then douse them with this. If it works, they'll revert to human form. Then send them back here.

Head outside and find some werewolves. Fight with them and as soon as they are weakened, use the antidote on them and they will revert to humans. Go back to the Inn and talk to Alinon and tell him the cure worked. He is glad but wished he could make some more doses at this moment, still he thanks the Vestige for rescuing a few of their citizens.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon


  • Activate this quest after starting A Lingering Hope as they both are done simultaneously.
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