Hides-His-Foot is an Argonian Slave residing on the Dren Plantation. He belongs to the plantation's owner Orvas Dren and can be freed during the quest "Free Hides-His-Foot."

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Free Hides-His-Foot[edit | edit source]

Ilmeni Dren has requested the Nerevarine free the slave Hides-His-Foot from the Dren Plantation. He must then be accompanied to Sterdecan's Farmhouse north-east of the plantation.

Services[edit | edit source]

Hides-His-Foot serves the Nerevarine as Follower during his related quest.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"Yes, Dunmer (Race)? What can I do for you?"

go free "Go free? No, I am old and could not make it on my own."
Free Hides-His-Foot

"Ilmeni sent you? Shall we travel together?"

go free "Are you here to set me free? Should we travel together?"
travel together "Shall I follow you now?"
Wait here. "I will stay here until you tell me it is safe to go on."
Follow me. "I will follow you. I must get to Sterdecan's Farm."
Sterdecan's Farm "Sterdecan's Farm is north and east along the road from Dren Plantation. I think we are southwest (Or, southeast/northwest/northeast, depending on position) of the farm."
travel together "Do you want me to wait here?"

At the farm:

"Thank you for my freedom, Dunmer (Race). I know a little secret about Orvas Dren you might find useful."

little secret "I delivered a message to his assassins, Ranes and Navil Ienith. The message was a plot to kill his brother, Duke Vedam Dren. This message is in the basement of Dren's Villa, behind two locked and trapped doors, in a small chest on a bookshelf. If you ever need to influence Orvan Dren, this book would be ideal."
travel together "Perhaps, but not today. I must travel with Sterdecan until he passes me on to another. If all goes well, I will see my homeland again."
Sterdecan's Farm "Yes, thank you for bringing me to Sterdecan's Farm."
go free "Yes, I am free now."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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