Hides His Eyes is an Argonian Scout, and an escaped slave who resides in Suran. He poses as his own bounty hunter. His name is a translation from his original Argonian name, Haj-Ei.[1]


The Drunken Bounty HunterEdit

Daric Bielle and his guide, Hides His Eyes, are searching for an escaped Argonian slave named Haj-Ei in Suran. After speaking with the slaver Dranas Sarathram, the Nerevarine learns that "Haj-Ei" is Jel for "Hides His Eyes." Daric Bielle can be informed of this in order to get the 150 GoldIcon reward, although he will not believe the Nerevarine. Alternatively, Hides His Eyes can be told that his secret will be kept for a 5+ reputation increase with the Twin Lamps guild.



Hides His Eyes is a Skill Trainer, who offers training in Athletics (up to 59), Medium Armor (up to 49), and Block (up to 44).



Dranas Sarathram:

The slave trader. Bad man. Hunts my people down. Deserves to be dead, that one does.


Yes, the escaped slave. Hunted for many weeks, we did. Took the bounty hunter all around this area looking for him. Never caught him, though. No, never caught him.

Hides His Eyes:

Yes, this is me. What can I do for you?

Hides His Eyes is Haj-Ei:

You found my secret, you did? I'll not try to hide it from you. I am the one the bounty hunter seeks. What of it? He would take me back to the slavers. That is not for me. So I dragged him around the wilderness for a while... what of it? Does he not deserve it, the drunken fool? And he paid me well! So, you know my secret. What will you do with it? You will not tell, will you?
  • I am honor-bound to tell Bielle what I have learned.
You would tell that fool? I will not go back. I will never go back!
  • Your secret is save with me, friend.
You are a good friend. I thank you. I will let others know what you have done for me today.


  • When his true identity is revealed, his dialogue about Haj-Ei will not alter.



  1. Dialogue with Dranas Sarathram
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