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==Notable loot==
==Notable loot==
*Destruction [[Skill Book (Skyrim)|skill book]]: [[A Hypothetical Treachery]]
*[[Destruction (Skyrim)|Destruction]] [[Skill Book (Skyrim)|skill book]] - ''[[A Hypothetical Treachery]]''
*[[Dragon Priest Mask]] - [[Vokun (Mask)|Vokun]]
*Conjuration - [[Conjure Flaming Familiar]] - Reward for helping Anska find the scroll.
*[[Dragon Priest Mask]] - Vokun (Mask)|Vokun
==Dragon Shouts==
==Dragon Shouts==

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Template:SkyrimTombs  It is the final resting place of the Dragon Priest Vokun.


The High Gate Ruins are located in the Pale, directly west of Dawnstar, east of Solitude, north of Ustengrav, and east of the Wreck of The Icerunner. It is right next to Windstad Manor HF.


It is divided into three different parts. The first two areas are full of draugr, and the third features Vokun, one of the eight Dragon Priests, and a word wall with a word of the Storm Call shout.

A woman named Anska is near the beginning of the dungeon, and she will ask for help getting a scroll at the end of the dungeon. When Vokun is defeated, he drops a Staff of Fireballs and a mask, Vokun.

The word wall is in the room directly behind where Vokun was fought.

In one part of the dungeon there is a puzzle that opens a trap door on the floor. To solve it activate the four switches in the correct order. Anska will advise the Dragonborn to refer to the symbols just below the ceiling. The order is hawk, whale, fox, and snake. At the entrance the room, look to the right and pull the lever on the fallen head. Then go to the front of the room and activate the other lever. The trapdoor should then open.

In the High Gate Ruins Catacombs there is a room with a lamp and a lever. The lamp is hanging above the lever and there are two gates in the room. If the middle lever is pulled, the gate on the right will open and a leveled draugr will emerge. After dealing with him, look in the room he was hiding in and pull the lever. The gate on the left will open and release another leveled draugr, (at higher levels, it can even be a dragon priest). Finish him and pull the lever in his room and finally the gate will open. The passage will lead to Vokun's Throne Room. It is possible to attack the draugr behind the doors with fire, frost or lightning rune spells.



A Scroll For Anska

Help Anska retrieve an ancient scroll from High Gate Ruins.

Wind and Sand

This is one of radiant locations where this quest might be held.

Notable loot

Dragon Shouts


  • If Anska starts following, and the Dragonborn leaves the area, she will continue to follow and even fast travel with them as long as her quest hasn't been finished.
  • If Vokun is killed near one of the gates him may end up attached to the gate.
  • Anska can injure anyone around her, including a follower if in the way. This can cause the follower to turn hostile and attack her.
  • After Vokun is dead, if the throne room is exited, the gates to the back of the room will close and cannot be opened again.
    • It may still be possible to enter the back of the throne room, if that is desired, using the back entrance to the Vokun´s throne room and a follower. Climb on top of the ruins on the right side in the second room, next to Anska, in High Gate Ruins, (right side on the map of High Gate Ruins where the door to Vokun's Throne Room is on the left side). Climb as high as possible, to be at the same height as the platform on the opposite side. Then use Whirlwind Sprint to get on to the platform. Alternatively, climb up the pile of rubble at the left corner of the platform. Now wait by the gate and the follower should come to the other side of the gate. Then ask them to pull the chain with "Talk to ..." and "I need you to do something."
    • If the follower does not show up on the other side, it's still possible to make it. Get the follower up the platform by waiting and have them stand by the door. Use the Unrelenting Force shout can make them go through the door, it may require shouting multiple times. After that, tell the follower to open the gate (activate the chain).



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