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"That would be utter madness ... but I do like the thought of seeing that next to my name in the history books. All right. If Ayrenn and Jorunn agree to attend, I'll be there. If this is an assassination attempt, though, I'm taking you with me."
―High King Emeric to the Vestige regarding the meeting of the three alliances[src]

High King Emeric was the Breton High King of High Rock, leader of the Daggerfall Covenant and the Earl of Cumberland during the Second Era. He led High Rock, Hammerfell, Orsinium and the Daggerfall Covenant against the other alliances in the Three Banners War to gain control of the Ruby Throne. He resides in Wayrest Castle in Wayrest, Stormhaven. His wife is Queen Maraya, daughter of King Fahara'jad. He mentions that he also has respect for both of the other alliances, the Ebonheart Pact and the Aldmeri Dominion.


The Supernal Dreamers[]

During the Alliance War, Emeric received a visit from the Vestige bearing a message from Abbot Durak of the Spirit Wardens from Pariah Abbey: the Dream Shard, which allowed the Wardens to create dreamless potions to shield Emeric from Vaermina's Superal Dreamer Cult, had been stolen by the Midnight Union, who were under the influence of one of Vaermina's Omens. Emeric, and all of Stormhaven, were now at risk of influence while they slept. The High King sent the Vestige to recover the Dream Shard.

After freeing Hosni at-Tura, leader of the Midnight Union, from the Omen's influence and returning the Shard to Pariah Abbey, Emeric then sent the Vestige to Shinji's Scarp in pursuit of another of Vaermina's Omens, who was suspected to be influencing the Orc General Godrun during his campaign against the Ironhand Ogres. The Vestige was able to aid the Orcs and crush the Ironhands, only to discover Godrun intended to lead his army against Wayrest to avenge the sacking of Orsinium. Abbot Durak sent the Vestige into the general's dream, where they defeated the Omen of Betrayal. However, Vaermina herself appeared before the Vestige and told them the general was merely a distraction: her consort, the Night Terror Galthis, had seized Emeric himself.

Abbot Durak told the Vestige that they must consult Azura for guidance. Azura told the Vestige she would aid them against Vaermina, since she had desecrated Azura's shrine and attacked her Spirit Wardens. She also gave the Vestige a Dusk Stone, which would let the Vestige penetrate Emeric's nightmare, but they would be on their own against the Night Terror Galthis. The Vestige was able to enter the High King's nightmare and slay Galthis.

Emeric thanked his savior, mentioning that they were more likely to regret helping him since it would likely mean more work helping the Covenant.

Montclair's betrayal[]

The High King then dispatched the Vestige to Shornhelm in Rivenspire. Baron Wylon Montclair, one of the three rulers Emeric had left to rule after Ranser's War, had turned against the other two, Baron Alard Dorell and Countess Eselde Tamrith. Montclair's forces had seized the northern half of Shornhelm fom Dorell and Tamrith and was making plans to seize the southern half. Emeric arrived in Shornhelm shortly after the Vestige and the Shornhelm guard drove Montclair's forces from the northern district of the city. The High King then asked the Vestige to go west to Ravenwatch Castle to aid Count Verandis Ravenwatch in tracking down Reezal-Jul, one of Montclair's supporters and the one responsible for bringing Montclair forces into Shornhelm. Meanwhile, Emeric sent Baron Dorell east and Countess Tamrith west to root out Montclair's forces.

After Montclair was defeated at the Doomcrag, Emeric recognized a sole ruler should govern Rivenspire, and offered the Vestige the choice of whom would rule, Baron Dorell or Countess Tamrith, as King or Queen of Shornhelm. After choosing, the High King asked the Vestige to speak to his wife Maraya, who sent the Vestige to the Alik'r Desert to aid her father King Fahara'jad.

Liberation of Bangkorai[]

After a two-pronged attack by Reachmen and Imperial forces, Emeric led a Covenant army into Bangkorai, where the Vestige had already thwarted the Reachmen's attempt to seize the city of Evermore. However, the Imperial force under Septima Tharn had seized most of southern Bangkorai. Emeric led the Covenant army south to the Bangkorai Garrison, where he led an assault on the main gate while the Vestige snuck in through a sewer gate and opened the main gate. The Imperials were routed, and in a last ditch effort opened a Dark Anchor, though the Vestige was able to close it.

As the High King moved south, he sent the Vestige to track down Septima Tharn at Hallin's Stand. There they discovered Septima was holed up at the Hall of Heroes, rumored to contain a portal to the Far Shores, the Redguard afterlife. Emeric led his force there, but before they could attack Septima captured Emeric and took him into the Hall. The Vestige fought their way through the Imperials and reached Septima at the portal to the Far Shores, where she stabbed Emeric, killing him, and took his soul with her through the portal.

The Vestige journeyed through in pursuit and found Septima commanding spirits of dead Redguards to fight for her. She sent wave after wave against the Vestige before facing them herself, but she was slain. Tu'whacca, pleased the desecration of the Far Shores had been dealt with, allowed Emeric to return to life.

Meeting at Stirk[]

Vanus Galerion and the Vestige were able to convince all three alliance leaders to meet on the island of Stirk of the coast of Cyrodiil to plan an invasion of Coldharbour. Negotiations quickly broke down as the three leaders began arguing with each other. Vanus and Countess Hakruba of the Fighters Guild realized the leaders would never agree to sending forces into Coldharbour for fear the others would use the opportunity to seize the Imperial City. They asked the Vestige to convince the three leaders to allow the Fighters and Mages Guild to go into Coldharbour instead. Before the negotiations could resume, Molag Bal opened Daedric portals on the island and his minions attacked. After being defeated, the three leaders realized the Guilds going in would be their best plan, and each gave their blessing.


Show: The Road to Rivenspire

"Speaking to you now as a friend, and as your king, I wonder if I might prevail upon you to assist me with some other matters. One that is a matter of state, and another that is of a more ... personal nature."

Of course, Your Majesty. "Rivenspire is the real problem. The quibbling between the noble houses there seems to have turned bloody. I would send you with my authority to try to restore order. I will join you when I can."
I will go try to solve the problem in Rivenspire then. "And then there's the personal matter—that damn guillotine. For reasons you might recall, I want it demolished. I've given the order to Captain Ernele, but on your way out of Wayrest, I would ask that you ensure it's being done thoroughly."
Of course, Your Majesty. I understand completely. "Your help with both these matters is much appreciated. Until that damn guillotine's been dismantled, I won't be able to sleep. And more importantly, until the matter in Rivenspire is resolved, the Covenant will be severely weakened."
Can you tell me any more about the situation in Rivenspire? "Honestly, I deserve some of the blame for Rivenspire's troubles myself. After Ranser's war, I didn't trust any of the nobles enough to give them the throne, so I appointed three houses to share rule of the kingdom. Seemed like a smart strategy."
Now the nobles are fighting each other? "So it seems. Maraya counseled me to appoint a single ruler in Rivenspire more than a year ago. I should've listened, but after the mess with Ranser ... there's something about nearly having my head on a pike that's hard to forget."
You were nearly killed in Ranser's War? "Well yes. My decision to marry Maraya instead of King Ranser's daughter really stuck in the man's craw. He had Wayrest surrounded at one point. I remember—I even dreamt about my head on a pike. Of course, as you know, I've had worse nightmares."
Show: Shornhelm Divided

"Here we have the savior of Shornhelm, I presume? You should know that Baron Dorell and Countess Tamrith have been quite generous in their praise of you. I trust you were able to close this portal Montclair was using to bring in reinforcements?"

Yes. Verandis Ravenwatch was with me and he closed the portal. "I'm not surprised. Verandis and I go back many years. He has a bit of making people nervous, but I've been trying to reassure Baron Dorell and Countess Tamrith—he is loyal to the people of Rivenspire. Did you also defeat this ... Reezal-Jul?"
No. Reezal-Jul escaped. "Hmm. Then I suppose we'll have to track him down, he and Montclair both. I fear Montclair's ambitions may be far greater than simply conquering all of Rivenspire. It's better we stop him now."
I'll help you however I can, Your Majesty. "Thanks to you, we have an excellent start here in Shornhelm, and I will devote my resources to fortifying the city as quickly as possible. We're secure here now and we have to ensure it remains that way."
Show: Dream-Walk into Darkness

"Shornhelm may be secure, but reports from other parts of the kingdom suggest Montclair is stirring up trouble everywhere. Countess Tamrith and Baron Dorell will each take a detachment of the Shornhelm Guard and go investigate these reports."

What can I do to help? "As you might have guessed, I'm thinking you are the best-suited for tracking down Reezal-Jul and making sure he doesn't go opening any more portals into Shornhelm. Did Verandis mention any suspicions of where this rat may have scurried off to?"
Verandis was going to investigate the matter himself. "Then I suggest you join him. Knowing Verandis, he returned to Ravenwatch Castle to study whatever evidence he may have found. You'll find it west of the city, near the town of Crestshade. I'm counting on the two of you to stop Reezal-Jul, and soon."
I'll go to Ravenwatch Castle right away. "I should warn you. Ravenwatch Castle is as strange as the man who owns it. His family is very old, and they have ... strange traditions. Don't worry, though. I have no doubt about the fact that he is on our side. You may rely on anything he says."
Can I ask a few questions before I leave? "Of course. I am a veritable treasure trove of useless information, and I love to share."
How do you know Verandis? "I've known Count Ravenwatch since I was a boy. My father sent me to study with him for a time. House Ravenwatch is one of the oldest noble houses of Rivenspire. Quite a legacy, and Verandis carries it well."
There must be more to it than that. "Well, if you must know, he's part of the reason I'm wearing this crown. When I first proposed to form the Covenant, many people opposed me. Verandis, however, without any urging, supported my plans and helped sway opinions in my favor."
Why would he do that? "I think he did it because he was tired of bloodshed and he knew he could trust me to always work toward peace. If I can end this conflict and restore it here, I will consider my debt to Verandis paid in full."
How long will you remain in Shornhelm? "As long as it takes. I knew that having the noble houses share the throne wouldn't last. I should've chosen one of them to rule years ago. To be honest, I feel I'm partly to blame for all this, and it's my duty to be here and see it resolved."
Why didn't you bring an army? "The last time I brought an army to Rivenspire, it was to put an end to Ranser's War. That isn't a memory I want to reawaken in this region. Besides, it will be better for all concerned if Rivenspire resolves its own problems."
Has there been any word from the west? "Rumors and wild tales, for the most part. We did receive a dispatch from a Captain Janeve. Apparently, something occured in the town of Crestshade—something devastating enough to require the captain to set up a camp for refugees."
What can you tell me about Crestshade? "Very little. It's a small town at the foot of the western mountains. Since you're heading in that direction to see Verandis, perhaps you can look in on Crestshade? I'd be grateful if you can determine what actually happened out there."
Show: The Crown of Shornhelm

"So here we are. Baron Montclair's dead and that damn artifact is destroyed. Yes. You can pat yourself on the back all right. You've saved Rivenspire and that's no small thing. You do realize this creates a predicament for me, though, don't you?"

What is the problem? "Well, I can't very well go on pretending the nobles can share the throne. Everyone knows what a colossal mistake I made there. I'm going to have to crown someone—a king or queen of Shornhelm, someone to rule Rivenspire, don't you think?"
It does look like the people are expecting that. "Exactly. So I have to choose. Countess Tamrith or Baron Dorell. Frankly, since you've recently fought alongside the two of them, I would appreciate your counsel. Speak to them if you wish, think about it, and then give me your recommendation."

While making the decision:

"Take as much time as you like, my friend. It's only the High King and the entire kingdom of Rivenspire waiting."

I'm ready to give you my recommendation. "Good. Though I do hope you've given the matter due consideration. This isn't like choosing which tunic to wear in the morning. It will affect many lives and the future of the Daggerfall Covenant. Tell me then. House Tamrith or House Dorell?"
Countess Tamrith should rule. "She's very young, but perhaps that means she will bring some much-needed change. Very well. If that's your counsel, I will make Countess Tamrith the Queen of Shornhelm. Are you certain she is the best choice, though?"
Yes. Countess Tamrith. "The bright, young Countess Tamrith then. I know she is thoughtful, humble, and as sharp as an assassin's dagger. I am sure she will make a courageous queen. Queen Eselde of Shornhelm. It even has a nice ring to it."
I think Queen Erselde will be an excellent ruler. "Then it's decided. Thank you for your counsel. Both Queen Eselde and myself will be in your debt. After all you've done, there's no reward that can express my gratitude, but please accept this gift. I'd feel guilty if I didn't give you something."
No. I really think Baron Dorell should rule. "If that's your counsel, then I will make Baron Dorell King of Shornhelm. Are you certain though that this is the wisest course?"
Yes, Baron Dorell. "
No. I really think Countess Tamrith should rule. "She's very young, but perhaps that means she will bring some much-needed change. Very well. If that's your counsel, I will make Countess Tamrith the Queen of Shornhelm. Are you certain she is the best choice, though?"
Baron Dorell should rule. "If that's your counsel, then I will make Baron Dorell King of Shornhelm. Are you certain though that this is the wisest course?"
Actually. I'm still considering my decision. "[?]"
Show: Rendezvous at the Pass
In Evermore Castle:

"I've just been informed of what's happened at Bangkorai Garrison. It seems my timing is impeccable as ever. So you're the one who's been helping my cousin Arzhela hold the kingdom together?"

I've helped however I can, Your Majesty. "Of course. And now you'll have some help. I've brought as many Lion Guard as I could muster. We were hoping to spill some Reachman blood for old times' sake, but the Imperials will suffice. Are you ready to retake the garrison, then?"
Of course. I'm yours to command. "Excellent. I'll organize our forces and march to Bangkorai Pass within the hour. I've already sent scouts to assess the Imperials' defenses. If you get there before me, look for Scout Nadira. We can finalize our plans when we're all there."
I'll look for Scout Nadira at Bangkorai Pass.
Show: Storming the Garrison
At the Bangkorai Garrison:

"There you are. If you expected to find us scaling the walls already, I'm sorry to disappoint. Don't get me wrong—we considered taking a stab at it, but with our ... limited numbers, I don't really think that plays to our strengths."

What strengths are you referring to? "Well, let's see, we have this sewer entrance here that the Imperials don't seem to know about, and then ... well, we have you, of course. I'm thinking to base our attack stategy around that. What do you say?"
You want me to go through the sewers? "Yes. Sometimes victory means getting dirty, and that's quite literally true. A passage in the sewers leads to the gatehouse. If you'll open the main gate, we can get into the garrison without having to scale the walls and lose half our men."
I'll go in and open the gate then. "Just so you know, while you're slogging through sewage, we won't be napping out here. We'll go ahead and assault the main gate. It'll create a good distraction. It'll also mean that if you fail, we'll all die. Just so you know."
Will you be leading the assault? "Unless the gods decide to strike me down before the battle starts. I've had enough standing around in throne rooms, talking about fighting the Imperials. I miss the satisfaction of sliding a sword between the plates of an enemy's armor."
Queen Arzhela will be fighting too? "Of course! Battle runs in our blood. You think our family rose to royal power by attending teas, playing games at court, and currying favor with the right nobles? No. This king and queen work ... at its heart, it's a bloody business."
What's the plan once we're all inside? "I haven't neglected that. I've looked at the garrison's layout and whatnot, and it'll really depend on what we find in there. I am confident we'll catch them off-guard. So no matter what, we'll have to capitalize on that."
How did the garrison fall to the Imperials in the first place? "The sad truth is that we're not even sure. More than two hundred Knights of Saint Pelin were stationed here, but only a handful escaped. Their stories are all over the place. Giant Daedra scaling the walls, the dead rising from the crypt ... who knows."
Was Magus-General Septima Tharn involved? "That old witch was undoubtedly the mastermind. And actually one of the knights who escaped claimed Septima snuck into the garrison posing as a Redguard refugee, and then unleashed Oblivion the next night. Knowing her, that's quite possible."
You know Septima Tharn? "Yes. I met her once, back before the Soulburst. I'm ashamed to admit I actually fancied the girl. She was as cold as a Nordic winter of course. I wonder if she's still attractive though? Regardless, I think her head would look best on a pole."

Inside the Garrison:

"Keep pushing! Drive the bastards back or put them down!"
"I quite forgot how it feels. The rush of blood to the head; the sound and fury of battle! So what if I've put on a few years? This is where I belong. I'm going to take back this garrison or die trying."

I'm with you. What do we do next? "I've captured a few keeps in my day, and I learned the hard way; whoever holds the courtyard, holds the keep. So I'm going to seal our grip on this space. We should also hit the barracks though—before the Imperials gets their greaves on."
You want me to attack the barracks? "Yes, but I'm not saying slaughter a bunch of half-dressed soldiers. We're not Reachmen, for Mara's sake. No. I'm hoping some of our knights are imprisoned there and you can free them. We need all the swords we can get."
I'll go to the barracks and free any prisoners I find then. "After we've got the courtyard under control, we'll need you up there. Oh! And if you see Septim Tharn or any of her commanders, feel free to take them down. I'd love to kill the old witch myself, but you're better qualified."
If I get the opportunity, I'll take it.

After defeating Commander Attius

"It's a damn good thing you came out. I was just about to charge in there and find you myself. If I had died, it would've been your fault. You don't want the death of a king on your head, do you?"

I certainly don't. "Gods! I probably shouldn't jest like that, not around Arzhela. Poor thing. There's no telling what these twisted Imperial bastards might have done with King Eamond's corpse. He was about to be entombed here when the garrison fell, of course."
Where exactly was he to be entombed? "The royal crypt. All of Bangkorai's rulers are buried there—to keep eternal vigil and such. The Imperials are doing something horrific there; it's where they've formed their last line of defense. Whatever they're doing, I need you to stop them."
I can handle that. Where is the royal crypt? "East. Across the bridge behind me. They're just throwing conscripts at us to keep us from getting across. They'll run out of fodder eventually, but if you'll lead the charge across on your way to the crypt, we can take the bridge now."
All right. Across the bridge and to the crypt. Let's go.

After defeating Battlemage Papus:

"When you went below into the crypts this foul icy fog rolled in. The earth shook and those Dolmen emerged from the ground beneath our feet. We retreated here to await your return, the rest you can clearly see."

What are your orders? "I'm afraid the "giant Daedric anchors from the sky" issue is more your speciality than my own. I'll let you lead this one."
That doesn't seem very kingly. ""A wise leader knows how to delegate," my father used to say. He may have died in his cups, but the man knew his aphorisms. What could be more kingly?"
Very well. I'll destroy the anchors.
Show: Trials and Tribulations
At the Hall of Heroes:

"I was wondering when you'd wander up! I knew you wouldn't let me get all the glory. Of course, I wouldn't have wanted to take any action until you were with us regardless, but I like to pretend. Anyhow, how in Oblivion are you?"

I'm doing fine, Your Majesty. How are you? "I feel strong. I'm ready to spill some Imperial blood. This will be remembered as the place where the Imperials made their last stand in Bangkorai. Despite my advisor' concerns, I decided I had to be here and lead the charge myself."
Are you sure that's safe? "Bah! Are you trying to coddle me now too? I command you—put aside your concerns. This isn't even going to be a real contest. Each of my soldiers can take ten of theirs, and you can take a hundred. So ... can we get on with this?"
Yes. Of course. I'm yours to command.
Show: To Walk on Far Shores
Inside the Chamber of Passage:

"It's good that you're here, my friend, though I'm afraid I may be dying ...."

Hold on. We can get you healed. "You're a good friend, courageous and loyal and all that ... but you're a terrible liar. I ... I ... I just wish it wasn't that wench Septima that killed me ...."
Your Majesty ...? "I suppose I must say goodbye, my friend. I'll see you on the other side ...."

In the Far Shores:

"Well, that was demoralizing, wasn't it? "Your death matters little, Emeric." I can't believe she said that! I don't know though. Is it true?"

Of course not, Your Majesty. The Daggerfall Covenant needs you. "That's a relief ... I suppose. There's some part of me that wants to stay here, but I'd have regrets for all eternity, wouldn't I? Since I am in the fortunate position of having a choice, I think I prefer you take me back."
Of course. I'll take your soul back.

On Tamriel:

"There I am ... still dead. So do I just climb back in ...? There. Easier than I thought. That knife wound still smarts, but it's good to be alive."
"That was an experience I won't be forgetting anytime soon. I'd say that you went beyond the call of duty, but I think you went even beyond that. Of course, Septima was actually after you, wasn't she?"

Yes. We're both lucky to have survived. "I suppose so. Furthermore, I'm grateful now that Septima never returned my affections. Mara's mercy, that woman did not age well! She's irrelevant now though, thanks to you. I suspect, however, that we can't afford to rest on our laurels just yet."
Show: Messages Across Tamriel
Inside the Chamber of Passage:

"Truthfully, I think a few days rest are well-deserved on both our parts—not at the seashore, mind you, but perhaps in Wayrest. Unfortuantely though, I am long overdue for an appointment. And as it happens, so are you."

A message, Your Majesty? "Vanus Galerion, of the Mages Guild, requests your assistance. Recent events have made it clear that Molag Bal has dark plans for our world. Vanus believes it is time to act. He seeks to take the battle to Coldharbour."
Where is Vanus? "My agent Copper Dariah is with him now, at the Daggerfall mages Guild. I need you to go there. Act as my eyes and ears, and speak on my behalf. Will you do this?"
I would be honored, my King.


Crowning Queen Eselde

High King Emeric: "If I might have everyone's attention. I have decided to crown a new Queen of Shornhelm ... Eselde Tamrith, please come forward. I hereby name your house the new royal house of Shornhelm."
Queen Eselde: "I give you my solemn oath, Your Majesty. I will lead the Kingdom of Shornhelm with wisdom and honor, and I pledge my eternal allegiance to you and the Daggerfall Covenant."
High King Emeric: "All hail the new ruler of Rivenspire!"

Rendezvous at the Pass

High King Emeric: "Fortunately, you won't have to."
Queen Arzhela: "Emeric … I mean, Your Majesty! Thank the gods!"

Storming the Garrison

High King Emeric: "With chains, they sought to bind this place in darkness and death ... but the chains are broken! The garrison is ours! Mark my words—this victory will go down in the history books! This is the day the Empire began to crumble!"
Queen Arzhela: "Knights of Saint Pelin! Many of your brothers and sisters died here, but this was the purchase of their sacrifice. Be grateful and be proud!"
High King Emeric: "We have the bastards on the run now! Come Arzhela, come experience the joy of watching your enemies flee from battle."

Trials and Tribulations

High King Emeric: "All right everyone. This is it. No one is allowed to die until they've taken down at least a dozen enemies. Kill as many as you can. The only exception is the Magus-General—she's mine, and mine alone."
Septima Tharn: "Good speech, Emeric. I can't believe you still fancy me after all these years. Let's get reacquainted then, shall we?"
High King Emeric: "Overconfident as ever, I see! I'm not afraid of you, Septima ...."
Lion Guard: "To arms! Defend the King!"
Septima Tharn: "You will not! I think we need some alone time, Emeric. Come, let's find a quiet place ...."

The Far Shores

High King Emeric: "You're here too? Can you get us back? It's quite pleasant here, but I'm not ready to die yet! We can't let them win!"
Septima Tharn: "Hush now, Emeric. Your death matters little—there are other kings. It's this one I wanted. The one who's been holding the Covenant together at every turn. The vestige from Coldharbour. Didn't think I knew, did you? I did, and I knew I couldn't kill you ... on Mundus. Here though, you're severed from Coldharbour, from your soul. Here, you're stuck. Goodbye now."
Keeper of the Hall: "Insolent necromancer! The Far Shores is no prison in which you can place your enemies! You dare to come here and then expect to leave freely? I think not. You though, are no less a fool. An honorable fool, but a fool nonetheless. Hm. Very well, though. I have an offer: slay this wretched woman and you and your liege can return to the Mundus."
Septima Tharn: "I'll leave whenever I damn well please ... but I'll enjoy teaching you both a lesson in power first."


  • "You know, there was a time when I was young when I thought being a king would just be a barrel of laughs. The coin, the power and all its trappings—it all looked like such fun. It's not, though. If I don't escape these stone walls soon, I'll go mad."
Rendezvous at the Pass

"Don't dally now. If you take too long, I might just have to retake the garrison without you." – If approached again