Skyrim: High Resolution Texture Pack is a free Downloadable Content and the official plugin for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It was released on February 7, 2012, and is available for free download from Steam.[1]

The download weighs in at just over 4GB and comes in two BSA Archives, along with two plugins that allow the new textures to be enabled or disabled.

The following textures have been updated, usually to twice their original resolution:

  • Most of the Actors (creatures, NPCs, Dragons, etc.)
  • Architecture
  • Armor
  • Some Effects such as blood decals, fire, fog and smoke
  • Clothes
  • Most Clutter (books, misc. items, ingredients, etc.)
  • Dungeons (including caves and ruins)
  • Furniture
  • Interface (mainly the Logo and Skill menu background)
  • Some Landscape elements such as roads, dirt and trees
  • Some Plants
  • A few Shaders (mainly ice and snow)
  • Some Sky effects (clouds, atmosphere)
  • Terrain LOD for distant objects like trees
  • Weapons

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