"I'm also a trainer in the arts of Alteration. I love magic, too. I love everything. And everyone. You, too."
―Hil the Tall[src]

Hil the Tall quote

Hil the Tall is a Nord priest and Illusion trainer in Cheydinhal.


Hil grew up in Skyrim, and showed skill with magic even then. He fled and became a priest when he grew older to avoid serving in the Imperial Legion; because of this, there are some who consider him a coward.


Hil spends most of his time inside the Chapel of Arkay, devoted to his job and to the Nine. He can sometimes be found standing out by the river outside. He is available for training during the day, when he is not busy praying.


Cheydinhal "I came here because I love nature. And because I didn't want to serve as a boot wizard in a mountain legion in Skyrim."



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