"If you're heading east, steer clear of Hillgrund's Tomb. Thing about those old crypts - the dead having trouble staying that way."
Whiterun Guard[src]

Hillgrund's Tomb is an ancient Nordic tomb located south-southeast of Valtheim Towers. It is the resting place of the family members of Golldir.


Ancestral WorshipEdit

It must be cleared in the quest "Ancestral Worship," during which Golldir requests help with entering to find his aunt, who ventured in previously to stop the necromancer Vals Veran, who took shelter deep in the tomb.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Diamond – On the table in the room after beating Vals Veran.
  • Leveled Mace – Hidden behind a web with a skeleton in the Frostbite Spider room. The Mace is not part of the Skeleton's inventory. There is also a silver ore vein in the room.
  • Necromancer Robes – Vals Veran is wearing them.
  • An unlocked chest hidden behind a secret in the room with Agna's corpse, directly opposite the barred door. There is a pull chain directly to the left of the secret door.
  • A Master Level chest with leveled loot is hidden up behind the entrance of the Tomb. Climb the hill behind the tomb to see it perched on a ledge. There is also a coin purse above and behind the entrance archway.
  • To the south, beyond view of the main entrance near the fallen tree bridge is an adept level chest that contains random loot inside a hollow tree trunk, along with the Illusion skill book The Black Arts on Trial.
  • There is one Gold Ore vein just to the east of the entrance.