"Welcome to the friendliest inn on the Gold Coast! We are so much classier than that pirate's den in Anvil. And cleaner, too, truth to tell. No one ever gets sick when they eat or drink in my establishment!"
―Hilora Messenia[src]

Hilora Messenia is the Imperial innkeeper and proprietor of The Eight Blessings in Kvatch.


  • "We dob't talk about the arena, though sometimes I'll take in a bout or two. It's terrible to watch, with the blood and the broken bones, but it's also kind of exciting! I suppose it can't be all bad if the Count and Primate allow it to remain open."
  • "We're so fortunate here in Kvatch! Not only does the good Count Carolus watch over us like a mother hen, but we also have the great Cathedral and the Order of the Hour to protect us. That's why nothing bad ever happens here!"


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