" have arrived. The others have been here for days now, and you are the last. It is time for my Hunt, and you are to take part. I have chosen only the most worthy to take part the Hunt--Carius of the Imperials, Heart-Fang of the Skaal, the frost giant Karstaag....and you. You have proven yourself a worthy hunter, and so you have been given this honor. You and the others are to find your way to my Hunting Grounds. Take great care, as only one of you will earn the glory of facing the Hunter himself in battle while the Bloodmoon lights the sky. The others have gone ahead, so only you remain to begin. Beware, mortal--my hounds are about, and they hunger for blood. Perhaps I will see you soon. Now go."

Hircine's Hunt is the last quest in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.


  1. Either talk to Korst Wind-Eye then rest and talk to Hircine then walk through the door if you are not a werewolf, or simply rest and talk to Hircine then walk through the door if you are a werewolf.
  2. Either escort Captain Falx Carius through the maze or kill him.
  3. Head through the gate at the center of the maze.
  4. Either escort Tharsten Heart-Fang through the maze or kill him.
  5. Once at the center of the maze kill Tharsten and head through the gate.
  6. Kill the Frost Giant Karstaag.
  7. Speak to Hircine and select which aspect to fight.
  8. Kill Hircine.
  9. Search the body for the reward, then leave.
  10. Watch the cutscene.


Rest in any bed. If the Nerevarine is a Werewolf, they will see the transformation cutscene; if not, they will wake up surrounded by werewolves. The Nerevarine will then be in a Glacier Ice Maze in the Mortrag Glacier. Talking to Hircine will reveal that he kidnapped the four toughest warriors on Solstheim so that he could lead them through his maze, killing each other until only one remains. He tells the Nerevarine to head through the maze and will then disappear.

Head through the door, and one will find Captain Carius; if they are in werewolf form, he will attack them, but if not, the Nerevarine will have to escort him through the maze and find the key for the gate. If one is a werewolf, they do not need to find the key, and the Detect Animal skill will allow the Nerevarine to check for the whereabouts of nearby hostile werewolves. One should avoid the Statues of Werewolves and make their way to the center of the maze.

Carius will stay behind, but when the Nerevarine goes through the door, they will meet Tharsten Heart-Fang. If one is in werewolf form, he will turn into a werewolf and attack them, but if not they can escort him through the maze, where he will later become a werewolf and attack the Nerevarine (he will attack them regardless of their actions). Killing him will magically give the Nerevarine the Hircine's Ring, which allows them to turn into a werewolf whenever they want. Head to the center of the maze and through the gate. The Nerevarine will then be attacked by Karstaag the Frost Giant. After he is killed, Hircine will appear.

" are the one. You have escaped my hounds and beaten back the other challengers. I had rather expected the giant to prevail, but no matter. You have proven yourself a worthy hunter, and you have earned the greatest honor that can be bestowed upon a mortal: you are to be my prey. I ask you, though: what is it that makes a hunter great. Is it his strength? The speed with which he strikes? Or is it his guile, the ability to outwit his prey? Answer me, mortal, and decide your fate."

"What is the hunter's greatest strength?"

"So you have chosen, and so shall be your fate. To face me in all my glory would be less than sporting, so you shall face but one of my aspects, the one you have chosen. We have little time--the Bloodmoon sinks low in the sky. Prepare yourself, mortal, for now you are the Hunted."

One has to choose one of his aspects to fight: either Speed, Strength or Guile. Speed turns him into a wolf (very fast), Strength turns him into a bear (very strong) and Guile makes one fight his true form (fast and strong). The Nerevarine must kill his aspect and loot its corpse (make sure to wait until the Nerevarine is no longer a werewolf if initially transformed for the battle).


Depending on the chosen aspect, the rewards are the followings:


After the aspect of Hircine vanquished and the reward recovered, everything begins to crumble around the Nerevarine and the Nerevarine must then flee. After that, the Nerevarine must watch the cutscene. If Nerevarine is not a werewolf, Korst Wind-Eye awaits Nerevarine in the Skaal Village to congratulate him. And if Captain Falx Carius was not killed in the Mortrag Glacier, the Nerevarine can find him at Fort Frostmoth after miraculously escaping the disaster.


Hircine's Hunt – BM_WildHunt
ID Journal Entry
10Korst Wind-Eye has told me more about the Bloodmoon Prophecy, and the signs that are foretold within. The fire from the lake of ice, the tide of dead horkers. Now the moon itself has turned blood red. He tells me that all that remains is the Hunter's Game.
  • Quest accepted
15According to legend, the Hunter chooses his Prey from the ranks of Man. Who and how many he chooses varies by the era. Wind-Eye does not know what will happen in the coming days, but he fears the worst.
20I awoke from my sleep to see werewolves surrounding me, and then blacked out. When I came to my senses, I found myself in a chamber deep in the heart of the Mortrag Glacier, the Daedra Lord Hircine before me.
25I received a dream from Hircine calling me to join him for his Hunt. When I awoke, I was in the Mortrag Glacier.
30Hircine spoke to me, telling me that I was to be a part of his hunt. He has gathered the champions of Solstheim--Falx Carius from Fort Frostmoth, Tharsten Heart-Fang from the Skaal, and the frost giant Karstaag--to participate. All of us are to find our way through this glacier, though the others have gone ahead already. Only one of us will survive to face the Hunter in battle. I should continue ahead and see what awaits me.
40I've encountered Captain Falx Carius, who was brought here after the attack on Fort Frostmoth. He suggests we work together to escape Hircine's prison.
42I have chosen to work with Carius to escape this place.
44I have told Carius that only one of us can survive this test, and it must be me. I will have to fight the captain.
49Carius has died in the Mortrag Glacier.
50I have found the key that will allow me to proceed through the gate in the center of this maze.
55As we approached the gate, Carius told me that he can go no further. If I am to finish this fight, I will have to do so alone. He warned me to beware the giant Karstaag, as well as Heart-Fang, whom he does not trust. If I succeed, perhaps Carius will be able to find a way out of this place himself.
60In the next ring of the glacier, I was greeted by Tharsten Heart-Fang, who has also been brought here by the Daedra Lord Hircine. He believes we should work together to fight Hircine.
62I have chosen to work with Heart-Fang to defeat Hircine.
64I told Heart-Fang that, as there could only be one survivor in this deadly game, I could not work with him. He responded that he alone would survive this Hunt, and that it was his birthright to do so. Apparenty, Heart-Fang has the Ring of Hircine, and has used its magic to prolong his life and rule the Skaal for generations. Now, he claims I will have to face him in his "true form."
65After finding the chest empty, Heart-Fang spoke to me. He told me that he has the key to continue on in the Hunt, and he will do so alone. He also claims to have the Ring of Hircine, and to have had it for many generations. Heart-Fang seems ready to kill me, and claims I must now fight him in his "true form."
66As I entered the next ring of the glacier, I found Tharsten Heart-Fang. He told me that he alone will continue on in the Hunt, and that this is what he was born to do. He also claims to have the Ring of Hircine, and to have had it for many generations. Heart-Fang seems ready to kill me, and claims I must now fight him in his "true form."
69Heart-Fang is dead. As he died, the Ring of Hircine disappeared from his finger and appeared in my inventory.
70On the corpse of Heart-Fang, I have found the second key to allow me to proceed through this maze.
80I have entered what appears to be the center of the Mortrag Glacier. In it is the frost giant Karstaag, the final participant in Hircine's Hunt.
82The frost giant Karstaag is dead. I am now the only one that has made it to the final stage of Hircine's Hunt.
85Hircine has appeared and spoken to me. He says I have proven myself to be a worthy hunter, and that I now will receive the greatest honor he can bestow--to be his Prey. Hircine has also questioned me as to what the greatest strength of a hunter is: strength, speed, or guile. He says that I must choose one of these three.
87I have chosen Strength as a hunter's greatest asset.
88I have chosen Speed as a hunter's greatest asset.
89I have chosen Guile as a hunter's greatest asset.
90Hircine has accepted my choice, and tells me that for me to face the Daedra Lord himself in battle would not be sporting. Instead, I am to face one of Hircine's Aspects.
92I have defeated Hircine's Aspect of Strength. I should now try to leave the glacier through the gate.
93I have defeated Hircine's Aspect of Speed. I should now try to leave the glacier through the gate.
94I have defeated Hircine's Aspect of Guile. I should now try to leave the glacier through the gate.
10As I left the glacier, I heard a loud rumbling sound, as if the entire structure were coming down around me. I found myself outside the fallen ice mountain, with Hircine's message echoing in my thoughts. The Hunter has been defeated, but he will return one day to hunt again.
  • Quest complete


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  •  PC   If the Nerevarine is in werewolf form, the Aspect of Guile may become scared of them and run away, making for a very easy fight.

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