Hircine Resists1 is an ability in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon that consists of a variety of effects that protect the caster from magical and physical attacks.


Hircine's HuntEdit

The Nerevarine must to choose one of Hircine's aspects to fight either Speed, Strength or Guile. Speed turns him into a wolf (very fast), Strength turns him into a bear (very strong) and Guile makes them fight his true form (fast and strong).

Effects and creaturesEdit

  • There are three variants of this ability, all named Hircine Resists1, which are identifiable by their base IDs and distinct effects. Each one of them is used exclusively by different Hircine's Aspects of Speed, Strength and Guile.
  • All effects are constant on self:
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Hircine's Aspect of Guile
ID: bm_huntresist
Hircine's Aspect of Speed
ID: bm_spdresist
Hircine's Aspect of Strength
ID: bm_strresist


Although this ability not intended for use by the Nerevarine, it can be acquired on the PC by using the console commands:
Player -> AddSpell "bm_huntresist"
Player -> AddSpell "bm_spdresist"
Player -> AddSpell "bm_strresist"


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