"This life, it's... well, it's too painful. Everywhere I look, I see death, dying, and decay. When I dream, I see a world without sunshine."
―Hirrus Clutumnus[src]

Hirrus Clutumnus quote

Hirrus Clutumnus is an Imperial commoner who tries to live a normal life in Crucible, in New Sheoth. Once he sees the Hero in Crucible, he will do whatever he can to get their attention and ask for their help.


After he wakes up, he will eat breakfast at Sickly Bernice's Taphouse. He will then spend the day wandering the town, at his house, or outside of town near the gate. The only time his routine is altered is during the quest "The Cold Flame of Agnon."


Final RestingEdit

He believes that his life is worthless and wants to die. The trouble is he wants somebody else to kill him or else he'll be doomed to wander the Hill of Suicides as a ghost. During the quest Final Resting he will ask the Hero to kill him, but to take him by surprise and to make it look like an accident. He also stipulates that the Hero avoid being seen to prevent getting in trouble with the guards.

After the start of the quest he will get paranoid if he sees the Hero is near, cowering in fear shouting, "Stop! Take me unaware, not like this!" The best time, to kill him is when he on the landing halfway up the stair leading to the palace. He will comment that when he if looking over the town he feels peacefulness for a short while up there, but that this soon ends when he remembers what its like down there. He can be pushed off the edge there, where he will fall to his death.

Once dead, his key can be taken to get the Ring of Happiness that is in the jewelry box in his house.


  • Once he dies, his tombstone in the New Sheoth Graveyard will appear. The epitaph will read "Hirrus Clutumnus never felt like he fit in anywhere. He fits in a coffin quite nicely, now."
  • Hirrus Clutumnus's Will states that he tried to wear the Ring of Happiness but he soon stopped wearing it because it made him "feel odd - not [himself]."
  • After his death, a Dark Seducer standing along the palace wall will comment, "They should really put up a railing, this sort of thing happens all the time."
  • On a table inside his house are a pair of shears, a pair of calipers, and a hand scythe, which lie in a small pool of blood. Given his demeanor, this may suggest that he took part in self-mutilation.


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