Hist Grove is a support card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


Hist Grove was the September 2016 Monthly Card and can only be crafted.


This card is best played above 12 Magicka, as it provides the opponent little time to destroy it. This card is clearly designed for Argonian themed decks, as many Argonian cards, such as Tree Minder and Archein Venomtongue have abilities that increase max magicka beyond the cap of 12. The card is best played in the end-game, though playing it early can be immensely helpful as well, due to its magicka-increasing effect.



  • Max magicka stops at 12, so you need to play 2 other ramp cards that increase your magicka as well.
  • The card originally had a magicka cost of 3 that was changed in a later patch to improve balance issues.


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