Hla Oad is a small fishing village along the Bitter Coast. Hla Oad is unique in that there are no direct routes to it, and the most convenient way to travel there is by boat. There are very few quests to complete there, as it is a small village.

Description[edit | edit source]

There are not many shops or inns in this small port town. A few small fisher huts and several beggars' huts are centered around a main square. Fatleg's Drop Off, which is located in a hut in the center of town, houses the town's only merchant, Trasteve, who has a few weapons, armor, arrows, potions, and several other items for sale.

Sparse in legal trade, Hla Oad is home to a thriving underworld hidden beneath the village and accessed through a trapdoor from Fatleg's Drop Off. There, the Camonna Tong has created a huge hideout for smugglers. The hideout stretches for several miles under the town. While non-smugglers are not exactly welcome, visitors can still receive training and can buy tools for the Thieves Trade. The hideout is also a main base of the moon sugar smuggling operation; from here, moon sugar is stuffed into Khajiit slaves and is sent with a Camonna Tong agent to the buyer. Dalam Gavyn is a Camonna Tong smith who has set up shop in the hideout. Llemisa Marys sells lockpicks and probes. Perien Aurielie is Hla Oad's pawnbroker and is also an agent of the Camonna Tong.

Baleni Salavel, who owns the ship Harpy, transports visitors from Hla Oad to various other towns. A road also leads from Hla Oad to Gnaar Mok and Balmora.

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