Hlaalu Ancestral Vaults is the ancestral vault found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. This House Hlaalu vault is located underneath Vivec, Hlaalu Canton and can be accessed via the Vivec, Hlaalu Canalworks.

The ancestral vaults is being used as a bandit hideout by Mathyn Bemis and his gang. The vault is divided into a north section and south section by doors off the center section. There is a Shrine of the Tribunal in the center room.

The northern area is comprised of a lower and upper room. These have been taken over and converted into the bandit's hideout. Barrels, crates, and other loot fills the area. In the northern alcove, there is a Shrine of St. Nerevar.



Writ for Mathyn BemisEdit


  • Ash Statue x4 in crate in lower room
  • Ash Statue x4 in crate in upper room
  • 44 gold on table in upper room
  • Moon Sugar x 14; in 4 sacks in a corner
  • Chest (Lock Level: 35)
  • Small Chest (Lock Level: 25)
  • Wooden Chest (Lock Level: 45, Trapped)
  • Various Alchemy ingredients


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