Hleryn Sathil was a Dunmer head of House Sathil.[1]


Lord Sathil had the characteristic crimson eyes of the Dunmer.


Fourth EraEdit

Hleryn declared his house independent from House Indoril in 4E 16. He moved to Solstheim, where he settled down. He had three sons and a daughter.

Hleryn made a pact with Clavicus Vile. Vile demanded Hleryn to retrieve Umbra from the ruins of Vivec City. Hleryn sent his son Elhul to recover the sword, but as soon as he touched the sword he went mad. Elhul killed his mother and his two brothers, as well as half of the guards. They could not separate Umbra from Elhul, so Hleryn ordered to lock Elhul and the sword in the dungeons of the castle.[2]

Eight years later, Attrebus and Sul arrived at Sathil looking for Umbra. They impersonated two naturalists commissioned to make a new guide to the Empire and independent realms of Tamriel.[1] While they were walking through the mountain, they were striken by an unnatural frost storm. Attrebus was pulled away by the storm. After the storm cleared, Hleryn showed up with five of his guards. Although he blamed a Frost Giant, Sul suspected that Hleryn was to blame for the storm. Lord Sathil interrogated Sul, he wanted to know who had sent them. He revealed that many had tried to retrieve Umbra, all sent by Clavicus Vile. Since Sul did not admit they were searching for Umbra, Hleryn cast a spell that made every nerve in Sul’s body seem to hum. He seeked to discover who had sent them. He sensed it had been a Daedric Prince, but not Vile, so he let Sul free. Before returning to his rooms, Hleryn told Sul they could stay as long as they wished.[2]



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