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"Didn't anyone ever tell you not to sleep in the Western Cross? How're we going to exterminate all the hoarvors if you drunks keep feeding 'em?"
―Unknown Bosmer Archer[src]

Hoarvors are insects native to the province of Valenwood and Black Marsh in The Elder Scrolls Online.[1]


Described as horrible monsters, the hoarvor tick is the size of a large calf, with spiky legs, a beetle-like body, and a central spiral-bladed vortex of a mouth.[1][2] The hoarvor uses its legs and body to pin down its prey, while their spiral-bladed mouth tears into the victim's chest. Before a hoarvor dies, it releases its prey, shivers once, then expels a burst of yellow bile.[1]

Hoarvors are particularly notorious in the Western Cross of Falinesti, where they feed on and kill drunkards who have fallen asleep (most likely from drinking Jagga).[1][3] Expert Bosmer archers in the Western Cross exterminate these pests in the mornings after revelry is held in Havel Slump, saving many drunkards from death.[1][4]


  • Bite: standard attack
  • Bloodletting: Sucks the blood of their victim, giving them rapid health regeneration
  • Latch On: Only occurs when a player is at low health. The Hoarvor latches on its prey and start tearing at its chest causing instant death.
  • Blood Spit: Hoarvor have the ability to spit blood at a short range. This is indicated by a radius marker in front of the bug. This is the weakest attack the bug can deal.



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This list is incomplete; help us expand it.


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