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[[ru:Хофгир Гроза Лошадей]]
[[ru:Хофгир Гроза Лошадей]][[de:Hofgrir Pferde-Brecher]]
[[Category:Skyrim: Nords]]
[[Category:Skyrim: Nords]]
[[Category:Skyrim: Riften Characters]]
[[Category:Skyrim: Riften Characters]]

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"Now me, I'm no weakling. In fact, I bet I've got the strongest arms in all of Skyrim."
―Hofgrir Horse-Crusher[src]

Hofgrir Horse-Crusher is a Nord and the owner of the Riften Stables, just outside of Riften.


Hofgrir Horse-Crusher got his nickname by crushing a colt's spine while riding drunk. He has a Mark of Dibella given to him by Haelga in exchange for an "intimate favor." Get it from him in as part of completing Svana Far-Shield's favor. He is not easily persuaded to give up the Mark. It is, however, very easy to pick his pockets.

The Dragonborn can accept his challenge and brawl with him on a 100 GoldIcon bet. Winning the brawl, and therefore the bet, will make the horses and items inside the stables free to take. He is a potential target for kidnappers in Rescue Mission, a radiant quest for the Companions.


He sells horses for 1,000 GoldIcon each.


  • "Too lazy to walk, eh? Well, you've found the right place."
  • "Got horses that need shoeing, so make it quick."


  • Brawling with him and losing due to backing away may cause the player's gold to become inaccessible.
  • If one does not have enough gold to brawl with him and tries to anyway, the brawl dialogue will disappear permanently.
  • If near the horses while brawling with him and a horse kicks him it may be seen as an assault and cause anyone nearby to become hostile and the player will get a 40 gold bounty added.
  • Sometimes when brawling with him, he may draw his weapon for no apparent reason and the brawl will turn deadly. If that happens a player may kill him without incurring any bounty.


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