Hold Guard Helmets are light armor helms worn by Hold Guards in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. There are eight different helmets, but they are almost identical in appearance. Differences between them are mainly the secondary color which reflects the hold that guard belongs to.


All Hold guard helmets, with the exception of the Stormcloak Helmet, have the same attributes and can be improved with an iron ingot. The Stormcloak Helmet can be improved with leather.

Name ArmorIcon WeightIcon GoldIcon Upgrade Perk Item ID
Falkreath Guard's Helmet 11 2 35 Iron Ingot None 00021619
Hjaalmarch Guard's Helmet 0002161B
Markarth Guard's Helmet 00021613
Pale Guard's Helmet 0002161F
Riften Guard's Helmet 00021622
Solitude Guard's Helmet 000C7F5C
Whiterun Guard's Helmet 00021615
Winterhold Guard's Helmet 0002161D
Stormcloak Helmet 10 2 12 Leather None 000A6D79



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  •  PC   360   There is a visual glitch when performing a decapitation Kill Camera on any character wearing a Hold Guard Helmet. The animation is completed, however their severed head is invisible save for a portion of the neck, and the helmet texture is still visibly attached to the body. Un-equipping the helmet from the character will fix the issue, revealing their severed head and removing the helmet texture.

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