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[[File:SkyrimMap.jpg|thumb|300px|Map of Skyrim.]]
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'''Holds''' are the nine administrative divisions of [[Skyrim]], different from each other both in climate and local government.
Each of the nine Holds is governed by a [[Jarl]] who resides in the Hold's capital city. The Jarls are largely independent, but swear fealty to Skyrim's [[High King]], who in turn swears fealty to the [[Emperor]] upon joining the Septim empire in the late [[Second Era]].
Each Hold also employs their own [[Hold Guard|guards]], who can be identified by the color of their uniform and the Hold symbol they bear on their [[Hold Guard Shields|shields]].
Given the independent nature of governance, crimes are tracked independently by each Hold, and a criminal who is wanted in one Hold may have no bounty in another.
==Old Holds==
{{Main|Old Holds}}
[[Winterhold (Skyrim Hold)|Winterhold]], [[Eastmarch]], [[The Rift]] and [[The Pale]] are known collectively as the "Old Holds," and have remained more isolated—not only from a geographic standpoint, but a political one as well, given that they are all initially aligned with the [[Stormcloaks]] during the civil war.<ref>''[[Pocket Guide to the Empire, First Edition: Skyrim]]''</ref> The Old Holds are bound together in history, as these holds were inhabited by the [[Atmoran|ancient Nords]].
==West Skyrim==
{{Main|West Skyrim}}
[[Falkreath Hold|Falkreath]], [[Haafingar]], [[Hjaalmarch]], [[The Reach]], and [[Whiterun Hold|Whiterun]] are all known to be a part of West Skyrim. The Nords of Western Skyrim are known to be progressive and would see an influence from the Empires of [[Cyrodiil]] and other places such as [[High Rock]] or [[Hammerfell]]. These Holds tend to stick with each other in times of war such as during the [[Skyrim Civil War]] and the [[Alliance War]].
==The Holds of Skyrim==
{|class="wikitable sortable" width=100%
!Allegiance<ref name="CivilWar" group="note">These can change if the [[Last Dragonborn|Dragonborn]] undertakes the [[Civil War]] questline.</ref>
!Potential Jarl
|[[Eastmarch (Skyrim)|Eastmarch]]
|[[Windhelm (Skyrim)|Windhelm]]
|'''[[Ulfric Stormcloak (Skyrim)|Ulfric Stormcloak]]'''
<ref name="High King" group="note">These Jarls claim the title of [[High King]] or [[High Queen|Queen]].</ref>
|[[Stormcloak]] <ref name="Center" group="note">Eastmarch and Haafingar are the "centers" of their respective factions.</ref>
|[[Brunwulf Free-Winter]]
|[[Falkreath Hold (Skyrim)|Falkreath]]
|[[Falkreath (Skyrim)|Falkreath]]
<ref name="CivilWar" group="note"/>
|[[Imperial Legion (Skyrim)|Imperial]]
|[[Dengeir of Stuhn]]
|[[Solitude (Skyrim)|Solitude]]
<ref name="Capital" group="note">Solitude is also the overall capital of Skyrim.</ref>
|'''[[Elisif the Fair]]'''
<ref name="High King" group="note"/>
|[[Imperial Legion (Skyrim)|Imperial]]
<ref name="Center" group="note"/>
| -
|[[Morthal (Skyrim)|Morthal]]
|[[Idgrod Ravencrone]]
<ref name="CivilWar" group="note"/>
|[[Imperial Legion (Skyrim)|Imperial]]
|[[Sorli the Builder]]
|[[The Pale]]
|[[Dawnstar (Skyrim)|Dawnstar]]
|[[Skald the Elder]]
<ref name="CivilWar" group="note"/>
|[[Brina Merilis]]
|[[The Reach]]
|[[Markarth (Skyrim)|Markarth]]
<ref name="CivilWar" group="note"/>
|[[Imperial Legion (Skyrim)|Imperial]]
|[[Thongvor Silver-Blood]]
|[[The Rift (Skyrim)|The Rift]]
|[[Riften (Skyrim)|Riften]]
|[[Laila Law-Giver]]
<ref name="CivilWar" group="note"/>
|[[Maven Black-Briar]]
|[[Whiterun Hold|Whiterun]]
|[[Whiterun (Skyrim)|Whiterun]]
|[[Balgruuf the Greater]]
<ref name="CivilWar" group="note"/>
|Neutral, later [[Imperial Legion (Skyrim)|Imperial]]
|[[Vignar Gray-Mane]]
|[[Winterhold (Skyrim Hold)|Winterhold]]
|[[Winterhold (Skyrim City)|Winterhold]]
<ref name="CivilWar" group="note"/>
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*Taking a carriage to a hold that has no stables ([[Falkreath (Skyrim)|Falkreath]], [[Morthal (Skyrim)|Morthal]], [[Dawnstar (Skyrim)|Dawnstar]], and [[Winterhold (Skyrim City)|Winterhold]]) costs 50 {{G}}, whereas those with stables ([[Windhelm (Skyrim)|Windhelm]], [[Solitude (Skyrim)|Solitude]], [[Markarth (Skyrim)|Markarth]], [[Riften (Skyrim)|Riften]], and [[Whiterun (Skyrim)|Whiterun]]) costs 20 {{G}}.
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