"I'm Holgunn, the Nord commander here in Davon's Watch. My men are the spine and strong arm of the Ebonheart Pact."

Holgunn One-Eye[1] is a Nord member of the Ebonheart Pact. He is the commanding Pact officer in Davon's Watch, having gained his rank from being a veteran of the Akaviri Invasion. He is heavily involved in the Stonefalls questline. Later on, he joins the Alliance Expeditionary Force to Coldharbour.


Ebonheart Pact questsEdit

Warning Davon's WatchEdit

The Vestige, after aiding Bal Foyen against the Daggerfall Covenant's attack, must warn Holgunn that the Covenant forces are on the move for Davon's Watch.

Legacy of the AncestorsEdit

Holgunn directs the Vestige to Tanval Indoril, and they must find the relic that Tanval seeks to claim.

Delaying the DaggersEdit

The Covenant has began a shoreline invasion of Davon's Watch, and the defense is led by Holgunn. The Vestige must help Holgunn in squashing the Covenant's siege engines.

City Under SiegeEdit

Holgunn, along with Garyn, fight with the Vestige in the House Indoril Inner Crypt to protect Tanval during his summoning ritual.

City at the SpireEdit


Climbing the SpireEdit


The Coral HeartEdit


Sadal's Final DefeatEdit


The Coral HeartEdit


The General's DemiseEdit


To Fort VirakEdit


To the Tormented SpireEdit


Securing the PassEdit


Coldharbour questsEdit

The Citadel Must FallEdit


Show: Warning Davon's Watch

"Have you come from Bal Foyen? What news do you have?"

We've repelled the Covenant attack there. Did the signal fires work? "Yes, soldier. Thank you. We're giving the Covenant a good fight. Without your warning, Davon's Watch would be in their hands. Feels good to save a city, doesn't it?"
Show: Legacy of the Ancestors

"I'm Holgunn, the Nord commander here in Davon's Watch. My men are the spine and strong arm of the Ebonheart Pact. I've heard good things about you. Let's see if they're true."

What do you need me to do? "The Covenant is attacking Davon's Watch. The devils bombarded the northern district. Now they're ashore, preparing to attack. I need every able hand in the battle to come."
I'll stand with you, Holgunn. "Then you'll stand where you're needed. Right now, Grandmaster Tanval Indoril's at a manor in the north of the city. He's got a smart plan, but he needs help."
Let's go. "Follow me or meet me there. Your choice."
I have some things to do. I'll meet you there. "You'll find the manor along the north city wall. I'll be there with Tanval."
I'll walk with you. I'm ready to go whenever you are. "Excellent. Let's get going."
What can you tell me about Davon's Watch? "This port's the key to Stonefalls. That's why these Covenant bastards are attacking. They're keen to take this city, but we aren't going to let them. The Nords are here to defend the Pact."
Show: Delaying the Daggers

"I've been reviewing our defenses. It's not good. The Covenant is bringing up ballistae and siege ladders. Time to show them what we've got!"

What should I do? "Do? Burn those ballistae. Same for the ladders. Burn them to ash. I'll be leading a sortie from the gate. Meet us when you're done. It'll be glorious!"

"Burn the ballistae and ladders outside the gate. That'll set those bastards back. Look for me when you're done."

After burning down the siege engines:

"I heard the horns. I saw the flames. Are you done?"

I burned down their siege gear, as you requested. "The damn skeevers tricked us, though. This was only a feint."
Show: City Under Siege

"The Covenant's inside the city! Let's hope your blade is thirsty."

How'd they get into Davon's Watch? "They scaled the cliffs like damn mountain goats. Takes guts, I'll give them that."
Where do you want me? "Get to the tombs. Tanval's in there, performing his ritual. He has no idea what happened. Guard him until he's done!"
I'll protect him.

"Tanval's at the tombs. Guard him! I've got invaders to repel."

"You face a Nord now, scum! Ysgramor!"―Holgunn, at the House Indoril Inner Crypt

"You fight like the great hero Ysgramor, my friend. You've done the Pact a great service this day."―Outside Indoril Manor

Show: Quiet the Ringing Bell
"You've fought like a true Nord. The skalds will remember your deeds in story and song. And I'll remember you. Holgunn always remembers his friends."―Outside of Indoril Manor


Legacy of the Ancestors
  • "Let's get going."
  • "The Covenant's been bombarding the city for days."
  • "If Davon's Watch falls, all of Stonefalls is in danger."
  • "I came to fight with my old comrade, Tanval."
  • "Poor bastard. Didn't even get a soldier's death." —When passing by the body of a deceased citizen
  • "Damned Covenant! Will this bombardment ever stop?"
  • "We're here."
  • "Troll's blood! Do you need an invitation? Speak to Tanval." —If interacted with at the manor




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