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The Homecooked meal is a food item found in Skyrim. It is prepared by spouses after marriage. It can only be given to the Dragonborn once per in-game day. It shares its model with that of the apple pie. Consuming the homecooked meal increases the regeneration of magicka, health, and stamina by 25% for the next 600 seconds after consumption.


  • The homecooked meal is one of the few consumables that is not found out in the game world, i.e., like Horker Stew or Vegetable Soup.
  • Different spouses say different things about the meal, depending on their voice type: some say they added a little mead into the recipe, a few suggest that its an old family recipe, some merely state that the meal is "fresh," and yet others are insulted at having to cook for the player character.


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  •  360   PS3   The effect of the homecooked meal never wears off. Spouses have no problem cooking more meals despite having unlimited benefits from the first one.
  •  PC   360   PS3   PS4   XB1   NX   If married for a while, the option for obtaining a homecooked meal may not be provided anymore.
  • The effect may not appear under Active Effects.