"Honditar is the name. I'm a hunter and mountain man."
― Honditar[src]

Honditar quote

Honditar is an Altmer hunter, forester, and mountain man. He is a Journeyman Athletics Trainer as well. Honditar lives in a wooden house next to Chorrol's walls to the southwest of the town.


He enjoys practicing with his bow in the mornings and hanging around the Great Oak in Chorrol near the northern gate in the afternoons, chatting with people and making himself available as an athletics trainer.

He also has a liking for Argonian women, insisting with a strange tone to his voice that Dar-Ma is a "comely... lass."


If the Hero initiates conversation with Honditar during the quest A Shadow over Hackdirt, he will mark the location of Hackdirt on the map. The Hero is asked to go to the small hamlet of Hackdirt to discover what happened to Dar-Ma, the Argonian daughter of Seed-Neeus, a Chorrol merchant. Upon arrival in Hackdirt, the villagers act suspicious and the individual the Hero is sent to speak with about the girl's disappearance claims that no one has seen Dar-Ma and she never arrived.


"Honditar is the name. I'm a hunter and mountain man."

Chorrol "The deer here are skittish. Need to get them quick, or they'll lead you a merry chase. Poison on your arrows can help, and it won't hurt the meat."


  • Honditar provides training only after 1:00 PM.
  • While he is practicing Archery behind the Chorrol Fighters Guild he can be a good source of free steel arrows. He does not fire at the target in front of him but at a rock beyond it. Watch for the impact then search the surrounding grass to collect the arrows.


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