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Honeyside is a moderate-sized house in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that is located in the city of Riften. Any citizen who desires to become Thane of the Rift must purchase property within its realm, and Honeyside is the only property available for purchase by the Dragonborn.

Notable items[]

With its exterior entry, tanning rack, cooking place, alchemy lab, and arcane enchanter, Honeyside can be a useful home for hunters and those who are interested in alchemy or enchanting. Also, Honeyside is one of two purchasable houses in a city in Skyrim that have exterior areas (porch, dock, and garden), while the other is Solitude's Proudspire Manor.


"If you're looking to settle in Riften, there's a house for sale - Honeyside. See the steward in the keep if you want it."
Riften Guard

Honeyside can only be acquired on the path to becoming a Thane of Riften. To achieve this, the Dragonborn must have good reputation with Riften citizens and have proven their worth to the Jarl. Below are the steps to acquiring Honeyside.

Alternatively, using the console command player.setrelationshiprank 00019DEA 2 instantly allows the Honeyside to be purchased from the Jarl's steward, Anuriel.

Step one: proving worth to the Jarl[]

This can only be done via the quest "Skooma Trade," which starts by talking to an Argonian named Wujeeta in or near the Riften Fishery located at the docks outside of Riften.

Wujeeta will want a healing potion in exchange for her talking. Once she has the potion, she will answer questions, giving information about the Skooma dealer that can be reported to the Jarl. After this, two other quests revolving around putting a stop to the Skooma trade will be received. If Wujeeta is intentionally killed by the Dragonborn during this quest, Honeyside and the title of Thane will no longer be available.

Upon completion of this quest, the Jarl may begin the formalities of pronouncing the Dragonborn Thane of the Rift if the Dragonborn has a high enough reputation with the citizens of the Rift.

Step two: building reputation[]

Honeyside's location on the Riften Local Map.

An improved reputation with the Riften citizens can be attained by doing small tasks and miscellaneous quests for them. Usually, gaining full reputation in The Rift requires completing between four and five of the quests listed below, but this may vary.

An indication that they have completed enough of these tasks will appear when the miscellaneous quests section prompts the Dragonborn to talk to the Jarl. At that point, select the first speaking prompt with the Jarl, and she will heartily congratulate the Dragonborn on their good deeds and offer the title of Thane, and then Honeyside can be purchased.

Riften reputation quests

Step three: purchasing Honeyside[]

After enough reputation has been acquired, the Dragonborn can talk to the Jarl's Steward, Anuriel, or Hemming Black-Briar, if the Civil War quest line was completed for the Imperials, who will offer to sell a house for 8,000 Gold, but may be bought for as little as 5,000 Gold. If one has at least 5,000 Gold, the option of "I'll take it" will be available. With this option selected, she will take all of the Dragonborn's gold, up to 8,000 Gold, and give them the key to Honeyside and the Riften Home Decorating Guide.

She will then sell upgrades to the property.

Honeyside can also be purchased after the completion of the Skyrim Civil War questline if Maven Black-Briar is made Jarl.

Honeyside is located in the northwest corner of Riften. It can be reached from outside the city by following the path directly west of the Riften Stables.

Advantages and disadvantages[]


  • Unlike Breezehome, it can be equipped with an arcane enchanter, weapon and shield displays, mannequins, and a four-space weapon rack.
  • Smithing facilities are at the Scorched Hammer a short distance away. It is also very close to The Pawned Prawn shop.
  • One of the Thieves Guild fences, Tonilia, is located in the Ragged Flagon (which requires a trip with three transitions to reach from the home).
  • For Thieves Guild members who have progressed far enough in its quest line, there is a Thief Cache barrel in the garden that regularly refills with useful items.
  • The two fish barrels that come with the porch update regularly and produce fish-related ingredients and food.
  • The exit to the porch is to outside of the Riften city walls, in Skyrim proper. Honeyside is the only house in a city that can be bought with a direct exit to Skyrim, very beneficial for vampires/werewolves or if the player simply wishes to bypass a bounty.
  • The garden upgrade produces both alchemy ingredients (including several needed for radiant collection quests such as Jazbay Grapes and Nightshade) and food items. There are also two chickens there, which provide meat and petty souls (these chickens do not activate a bounty in the Rift if killed).
  • Storage is adequate, with a cupboard, a desk, a chest, a wardrobe, two end tables, and three barrels upstairs, while the storage downstairs consists of the housecarl's dresser, end table, and wardrobe, plus two mannequins. There are also two bookcases, one upstairs and one downstairs, with the top shelves occupied. Adding items to the top shelf may cause the bookcase to not activate to allow reading or removing books.
  • There is a basement where the alchemy lab, arcane enchanter (or children's room), and housecarl's room are located. The housecarl's room (Iona's room), will be furnished after the Dragonborn becomes a Thane of Riften by talking to the Jarl after purchasing the home, giving 3 methods of extra storage, a dresser, a wardrobe, and an end table.
  • There are fewer glitches associated with this house than others.


  • Its weapon plaques will sometimes display weapons diagonally.
  • If one wishes to have their children in the house, they have to get rid of the arcane enchanter.
  • There is no Smelter nearby. If one has items to smelt, they have to travel all the way to Shor's Stone.


Upgrades Cost Description
Porch 400 Gold This upgrade adds furnishings and decor to the porch. This includes two rugs, two chairs, a table, a fishing boat with salmon to harvest, two fish barrels, a mead barrel, and a tanning rack.
Kitchen 500 Gold The kitchen in Honeyside is actually smaller than the Breezehome kitchen as it is equipped with only a small cooking area, a shield plaque, three shelves, cupboard and a table with chairs.
Bedroom 600 Gold The bedroom takes up most of the upper floor and this package fits a number of furnishings including a weapon plaque, wardrobe, chest, three end tables, a bookshelf and a large double bed.
Garden 800 Gold The garden offers a small outside area growing various vegetables and ingredients, a barrel, thief cache and two chickens that respawn after a certain time and produce chicken breasts.
Alchemy Laboratory

(located in basement)

1,000 Gold This package furnishes the alchemy lab located in the first basement room. It has one bookshelf like the one up stairs with the top shelf in use, an alchemy station, two long shelves occupied by herbs and ingredients, a tundra cotton plant-pot and a table with different recipes.
Enchanting Laboratory (located in basement) 1,000 Gold This package equips the second basement room with an arcane enchanter, a four-place weapon rack, two mannequins, four weapon plaques, a table and a chair.
Children's BedroomHF (located in basement) 250 Gold, (550 Gold if a conversion from Enchanting Lab) This package equips the room in the basement that would otherwise be the Enchanting room with two child's beds, a wardrobe, a chest, two chairs, one large table, one small table, two corner shelves, two children's practice dummies and a wash basin.
Total 3,550 – 4,300 Gold The total cost of the property is 8,550–13,300 Gold.

Item displays[]

  • Four Weapon Racks
  • Five Weapon Plaques
  • One Shield Plaque
  • Two Mannequins
  • Four Bookshelves (holding a total of seventy-two books)

See Riften Home Decorating Guide for more detailed descriptions.



  • It is possible to purchase Honeyside without completing "Skooma Trade" if more than five people were helped in Riften and the Rift before talking to the Jarl. The Jarl will then offer the house once spoken to.confirmation needed
  • A knife and fork will be on the porch, after the porch upgrade has been purchased. They are unique in the fact that they can be picked up and used as weapons.
  • With Hearthfire installed, children living at Honeyside may remark about Brynjolf being nice to them and Maramal inviting them to the temple. But they also remark that Riften and some of the people are scary.
  • If the Dragonborn has 8,000 Gold (or more) when purchasing Honeyside and does not want to pay over 5,000, they can store the surplus gold in a follower's inventory and buy the home. This way, Anuriel will not take the surplus gold. Afterwards, the gold can then be removed from the follower's inventory.
  • If the Dragonborn is a member of the Thieves Guild, adopted children will make comments such as "Mister Brynjolf gave me an apple mama/papa, he seems nice," and "Mister Brynjolf said he could teach me a lot of neat things when I am older."
  • Although there are "windows" on the side of the house (near Haelga's Bunkhouse), going inside reveals that there are no windows there, as the fireplace takes up the part of the wall where the windows are placed outside.
  • Honeyside is the only residence within a closed city to feature environmental music instead of city music. The reason is likely because there is an entrance from Riften and one from environmental Skyrim.
  • Spouses may express distaste for the house if they live here, particularly if there are children. They will sarcastically comment that the city is perfect "If you want to bring up little pickpockets!" and state that Riften is a terrible place to raise a child.


This section contains bugs related to Honeyside. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.
  2. If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template  360  /  XB1  ,  PS3  /  PS4  ,  PC  /  MAC  ,  NX  /  PS5  ,  XS  , depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.
  3. Be descriptive when listing the bug and fixes, but avoid having conversations in the description and/or using first-person anecdotes: such discussions belong on the appropriate forum board.
Click to see the list of bugs encountered
  •  360   The mannequin by the entry to the armory can be accessed by the alchemy lab through the wall and will jump the Dragonborn to the other side.
  •  PC   There is a possibility of mannequin movement after a "hard" save and load. (Hard save: "Esc">Save>New Save/Overwrite)
  •  PC   There is a possibility of becoming unable to buy the house, even after doing "The Raid" and "Supply and Demand" quest. Helping more people around Riften may help if the Dragonborn has not yet assisted anyone.
    •  PC (Fix)  : Use the console command setstage FreeformRiftenThane 10.
  •  PS3   When in Iona's room, Whirlwind Sprint towards the wall above the table will teleport the Dragonborn to the front door inside the house (still found after 1.3 patch).
  •  PC   360   PS3   The Dragonborn will be able to buy Honeyside, but not be named Thane. The quest "Return to Jarl" stays unfinished.
    • Fix: Visit the Jarl to complete the quest before entering Honeyside. Alternately, use console (tilde, "~," Key by default) to type setstage FreeformRiftenThane 200. No fix has been identified for non-PC versions if Honeyside is entered before talking to the Jarl.
  •  360   If the children's bedroom is purchased from the Riften Steward after previously purchasing the enchanting room, the objects from the enchanting room may still be in the children's bedroom, and the different objects become merged.
  •  PS3   Notes or letters placed in the bookshelf downstairs may be lost after activating the bookshelf.
  •  360   PS3   Discovering Cragslane Cavern and clearing it before starting the quest "Skooma Trade" may lead to the inability to complete the second quest that requires this dungeon be cleared.
  •  360   The Dragonborn cannot become a Thane of Riften once Maven Black-Briar is Jarl. This means if the house was purchased after she was made Jarl, no housecarl will be awarded and the room in the basement will remain empty (still found after Patch 1.5).
  •  360   If the Dragonborn tries to place a Woodcutter's Axe on the third slot from the left of the weapon rack, it will be dropped instead, however it will stay suspended in the air. It is able to be picked up again. The third slot may become inaccessible if there are certain weapons in the slots next to it, (e.g. a war axe to the left or pickaxe to the right), but will work when other weapons, (e.g. daggers) are in those slots.
  • Some items stored on weapon racks and in chests are in red print and will display the "steal" option instead of the "take" option.
  •  360   The Housecarl Iona may become invisible.
  •  360   After purchasing, the miscellaneous quest to let the Jarl know the house was bought will not be open.
  •  360   One of the weapon racks in the basement of the house may not store a weapon, allowing storage of only three weapons on the rack.
  •  360   The mannequins in the enchanting room may occasionally move position and appear in the middle of the basement or elsewhere in the house.
  •  360   The armor first placed on the mannequins may clone and equip itself over any other armor already on the other mannequin.
  • The house can be "bought" for free if Anuriel is sitting next to the Jarl's throne and one waits until she offers a house to be bought. The conversation can then be exited and the money can be placed in a chest nearby, which can be taken back out.
  •  PS3   Talsgar the Wanderer might walk in and never leave.
  •  360   After loading a save from inside Honeyside, a mannequin will appear invisible. This can be fixed by adding or removing clothing or armor to it.
  •  360   If the chickens outside of Honeyside in the garden are killed, Iona will attack the Dragonborn upon entering the house as if a crime has been committed.
  •  360   In some rare cases random villagers will be in the house when you enter, they will then leave when you enter the house.
  •  PC   Due to a bug in function value, the house can be bought for 5000 Gold. This is because HPWhiterun value is used instead of HPRiften, which is used in the dialogue.

Officially patched bugs[]

  •  PC   360   The bookshelf beside the bed may lock and cause books to disappear.
    • Fix: Reload the Autosave from entering the house and try again, or reload, then pick up the books one at a time (fixed in Patch 1.3).
  •  360   PS3   After installing Patch 1.2 for  360   and  PS3  , the bookshelves in Honeyside can become unusable. By attempting to retrieve the books from the "Activate Bookshelf" menu, the books will be retrieved but the graphics are not updated and the menu cannot be accessed again, nor can the books there be moved or taken. If the books are removed manually, it will clear the space but after the first book is retrieved this way the "Activate Bookshelf" menu is inaccessible as well. (Fixed in Patch 1.3.)
  •  360   Very rarely, the cave containing the men controlling the skooma shipment (Part of the quest for Honeyside) after cleared may say that the cave has not yet been discovered.