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Not to be confused with Honeystrand Hill.

Honeystrand Cave is a cave in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is located between the Alchemist's Shack and Ivarstead.

Outside, there are a few roaming bears and four beehives hanging from the surrounding tree branches. There are many bees flying around near the entrance during the day, and there is usually a cave bear guarding the entrance.


Animal Extermination[]

Honeystrand Cave is a possible lair for a target creature.

Totems of Hircine[]

A Totem may be located here.

Notable items[]


  • The cave and nearby area has various alchemical ingredients that can be harvested, including a significant bee population.
  • The console ID code refers to the location as "Honeystrand Grove," while on the map it is referred to as "Honeystrand Cave."


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  • It is possible to glitch under the map if any horse is ridden deep into the entrance then dismounted.