"I'm Honmund. I'm a prospector. Alga's my woman, Nord-style. None of that Chapel wedding nonsense."

Honmund quote

Honmund is a Nord scout and explorer residing in Bruma. He is living with his female partner Alga in Honmund's House. Honmund will sometimes go on an expedition to harvest clouded funnel caps, outside of Bruma.


While he is at home, he will wear his casual clothes; dark green shirt together with laced leather pants and stitched leather shoes. When attacked or when going on an expedition, he will equip fur armor, a silver shortsword and a fine iron bow.

He also carries a small amount of gold, iron arrows, and a couple of Clouded Funnel caps.


  • "Bruma's a funny place... half Cyrodiil and half Skyrim. I'm old Nord all the way. I keep the old songs and stories alive."


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