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Honningbrew Mead is a fairly costly mead which can be found at various locations throughout Skyrim.


It is made in the meadery near Whiterun. It is apparently popular, as it is a competitor to the famous Black-Briar Mead.

It is replaced with Black-Briar mead after completing "Dampened Spirits."


Over 300 bottles of Honningbrew Mead can be stolen from the meadery before the quest Dampened Spirits. It is still possible to find Honningbrew Mead in one of the barrels in Honningbrew Meadery after completing Dampened Spirits, varying from 1–4 bottles, though these will have to be stolen. Several more bottles can be found in a barrel, with one more beside it, in the passageway under the meadery and can be taken without stealing. Several bottles can also be found in several homes throughout Whiterun and the kitchen of Castle Dour, Emperor's Tower in Solitude, 2 bottles can also be found in Lund's Hut. On rare occasions, a bottle can be looted from a bandit.


  • If given to a Reveler, you will receive a Charmed Necklace.
  • Honningbrew Mead is actually objectively superior to its primary competitor Black-Briar Mead, as both restore the same amount of stamina, but Honningbrew is both cheaper and has less severe negative effects.


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