Honor Bound is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


The monastery of Muth Gnaar was attacked by the Vereansu, a violent tribe of Ashlanders. The peaceful monks were caring for the afflicted using an ancient relic called the Tear of Saint Veloth when the Ashlanders attacked.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Healer Senar
  2. Find Dolril Belvayn
  3. Rescue Afflicted Commoners and Monks (5)
  4. Talk to Healer Senar
  5. Rescue Dolril Belvayn
  6. Find the Tear of Saint Veloth
  7. Recover the Tear of saint Veloth
  8. Talk to Dolril Belvayn
  9. Kill Ashkhan Ginasa
  10. Talk to Dolril Belvayn


Fight your way through the Vereansu Tribe and find and locate Muth Gnaar Monks and Afflicted Commoners.



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