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"It was kind of you to escort the Jemanes back to Weatherleah. However, the original owner of Weatherleah left them an even greater legacy."
―Fathis Ules[src]

Honorblade of Chorrol quote

The Honorblade of Chorrol is a non-magical sword available in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. When obtained as a quest item it has no weight and cannot break, even though it does deal damage. Although it is not enchanted, its damage is considered magical (foes hit by the blade will glow). It damages monsters such as ghosts that are normally immune to damage received from regular weapons not made of silver. The blade itself is identical to an Ebony Longsword.


Sins of the FatherEdit

Quest given by Fathis Ules to retrieve a "valuable item" for the Thieves Guild from Redguard Valley Cave. Once retrieved, it can either be returned to Fathis or Castle Chorrol and its rightful owners.


  • The Hero may obtain this weapon from a Redguard Valley Ogre Chieftain in the quest "Sins of the Father," or by pickpocketing it from the Countess of Chorrol while she sleeps after completion of the quest. If it is retrieved from her in this manner, then it will remain in the inventory permanently as a stolen quest item.


  • As it does not require Journeyman level Armorer to repair, like magical items, it is especially valuable early in the game.
  • Completing the quest by returning the sword to the Steward at Castle Chorrol gets the Hero the Escutcheon of Chorrol, a unique Ebony Shield with a leveled enchantment, and one point to the Hero's Fame.
  • If the sword is given to the steward, Fathis Ules will be disappointed in you and refuse to talk to you anymore. If it is given to him instead, he will speak to you but the option to barter will not be available. Either way, the player loses a fence.
  • If the Honorblade is returned to Castle Chorrol, Guilbert Jemane will admit that his father was indeed a thief and thank you for undoing his mistake and hand you some leveled soul gems. If it is given to Fathis, both Jemane brothers will refuse to believe you and suffer a disposition drop.


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