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Cyrus and the Soul Sword displayed as A'Tor, who all combined together as an avatar of HoonDing

HoonDing, also known as The Make Way God, is the Yokudan spirit of 'perseverance over infidels'. The HoonDing has historically materialized whenever the Redguards need to 'make way' for their people.[1][2]


First Era[]

HoonDing is first known to have represented himself as an avatar by Diagna. Diagna was instrumental to the defeat of the Sinistral Elves, as he brought orichalc weapons to the Yokudan people to win the fight. In Tamriel, he led a very tight knit group of followers against the Orcs of Orsinium during the height of their ancient power.[1] This was presumably the Order of Diagna during the Siege of Orsinium. He then faded into obscurity, and is now little more than a local power spirit of the Dragontail Mountains.[3]

Frandar Hunding was also an aspect of HoonDing. During the arrival of the Yokudan people to Tamriel, he led them against Malooc the Horde King, the enemy god of Ra Gada who led an army of goblins against the Redguards in the First Era. Then HoonDing appeared to drive out the goblin force all the way to the east.[3]

Second Era[]

During the Tiber Wars, HoonDing was said to have been a sword or a crown, or both. This refers to either Prince A'Tor, a Crown who was transformed into the Soul Sword; or Cyrus the Restless, a Crown who wielded the Soul Sword. It is also possible that both Cyrus and A'Tor together were an aspect of HoonDing.[3]

Multiplicity of Aspects[]

The HoonDing has had many other manifestations over the course of time; for example, Reymon Ebonarm may be another aspect of the HoonDing that has manifested on Tamriel as an adversary of the Daedric powers.[UL 1]



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