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Hopesfire is a one-handed longblade and a Dwemer artifact. It was commissioned by King Dumac as a wedding day gift presented to Almalexia and Nerevar, along with its twin, Trueflame.[1] This weapon is surrounded by a constant blue flame, and is used by the living god Almalexia.


Enchantment ID: almalexia_blade

Cast when strikes:


The Nerevarine must complete the quest "The Blade of Nerevar" before obtaining Hopesfire. Finding the corpse of Sotha Sil at the Clockwork City begins "The Mad God" quest, in which the deity Almalexia challenges the Nerevarine to battle. Once she is defeated this weapon can be obtained from her remains.


  • Despite both Hopesfire and Trueflame being surrounded by flames, only Trueflame emits light the same way a torch does, where as Hopesfire does not.



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