"This island looked so peaceful, so remote. Seemed like a good place for an outpost. Bjord and I stayed behind while the others scouted about. It wasn't long before we heard the screams. We peered over the rocks and I can't even describe what we saw, although I'll never forget it. The blood. Gods, the blood..."

Horker Island is a small island just off the east coast of Solstheim.

On the southern coast of the island is an overturned longboat where Saden's Journal can be found. The journal explains a little about how the Horksbane's previous owner died.

Head north along the coast to find several dead Reavers, evidently slain by the horkers lumbering around. Saden's corpse can be found on a hill. Follow the blood trail up the hill to find a large unique horker named Lord Tusk.

Also on the island is Gyldenhul Barrow, the resting place of the legendary pirate, Haknir Death-Brand.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

  • Horksbane – A unique mace that can be found on (or near) the dead body of a Dunmer named Saden.
  • One ebony ore vein – right across from the mast on the eastern shore, against a rock face.
  • One quicksilver ore vein – on the north side of the island, next to the entrance to Gyldenhul Barrow, guarded by two Reavers.
  • Saden's Journal – on the southeastern shore, on a crate, next to an over-turned row boat.
  • East Empire Company Strongbox – underwater, on the north side of a submerged "half-ship" (the ship whose other half is on land).
  • A boss level chest at Lord Tusk's "lair."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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