Horn Cave is a cave in the Great Forest, south of the Red Ring Road and west of the Green Road, east of the White Rose River. Pell's Gate is a short distance north.


Large bodies of water can be found in the cave. There are traps in all three areas of the cave. Significant quantities of Mead, Cheap Wine, and Surilie Brothers Wine are located throughout Horn Cave. The common cave plants, Cairn Bolete and Wisp Stalks grow here.


Horn CaveEdit

A trap triggered by a rope with swinging maces and a few chests with minor loot.

Horn Cave GrottoesEdit

On this level is a cave-in trap and five chests with loot, one of which is leveled.

Horn Cave Still PoolsEdit

There is a trap activated with a pressure plate and swinging maces in this area and part of it is under water. Several chests, some leveled with various loot.


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