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=== Enemies ===
=== Enemies ===
* [[Animals]] ([[Rat]])
* [[Creatures]] ([[Rat]])
* [[Bandit]]s (''Bandit'', ''Bandit Archer'', ''Bandit Ringleader'')
* [[Bandit]]s (''Bandit'', ''Bandit Archer'', ''Bandit Ringleader'')
* [[Imp]]s
* [[Imp]]s

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Horn Cave is a cave south of the Red Ring Road and west of the Green Road, east of the White Rose River. Nearby is Pell's Gate.

Large bodies of water can be found in the cave. Significant quantities of Mead, Cheap Wine, and Surilie Brothers Wine are located throughout Horn Cave.


  • Horn Cave
  • Horn Cave Still Pools
  • Horn Cave Grottoes

The common cave plants, Cairn Bolete and Wisp Stalks, are found here.



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