Hosgunn Crossed-Daggers was a Fourth Era Jarl of Riften. He was appointed as Jarl in 4E 98 after the death of the previous Jarl during the Void Nights. He ruled for 31 years with an iron fist, taxing its citizens mercilessly. It was not until 4E 129 when the citizens rose up against him. They succeeded, in a short war which left much of Riften in ruins.[1]


Hosgunn was appointed Jarl of Riften in 4E 98 during the Void Nights, following the assassination of his predecessor. Many of The Rift's citizens believed that Hosgunn was responsible for the assassination. He was nevertheless appointed Jarl despite public outcry about this.

Under Hosgunn, protests were broken up by the guard and a curfew was established in Riften. This curfew was ruthlessly enforced — anyone breaking the curfew was jailed without trial, and executed if they were repeat offenders.

He imposed crippling taxes on the city, causing commerce to slowly dry up. He hoarded almost all of the tax money and invested it into creating a wooden palace which was so extravagant, large, and excruciatingly embellished that it took 7 years to build.

This palace would become a symbol of the oppression that the people of Riften suffered, and was dubbed "Hosgunn's Folly" by the populace. Meanwhile, as Hosgunn's reign continued, refuse began to accumulate on the streets, and the people descended into disease, poverty and hunger.

In 4E 129, the people, languishing under this oppression, rose up in large enough numbers to overwhelm the city guard long enough for them to set Hosgunn's Folly on fire while the Jarl was still inside, thus killing him.


  • Although the book Of Crossed Daggers claimed Hosgunn ruled for over forty years, he only ruled for 31.
  • Hold guards within The Rift carry shields that bear the image of two crossed daggers. This is likely a reference to Hosgunn.


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